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Monday, July 22, 2013


I look back and I see our ancestors who lived on the land in harmony with nature to ensure a future for their children. I see them living with an intimate connection between themselves, the water, the air, the land, the plant life, the insects and all the other animals. I see the web of life, from the microorganisms to insects to the birds and animals that gave them life and sustained their lives through the generations. They only took what they needed from nature. I see them protecting life to ensure the future for generations to come. They knew their place in the web of life and what gave them life and that their lives and the lives of their children depended upon all of nature around them.
I look back and our human family living on the land with the plants and seeds. I see the different species of seeds that have been handed down through the generations keeping people alive. I see the area bound clans, tribes or communities having their own cultivars of seeds that grew exceptionally well in their particular environmental and climatic conditions in their areas. Because of this intimate connection between people and nature there was a great variety/biodiversity of species that survived because of their close relationship to the people who lived on the land.

I look back and I see the birds and the bees that pollinated our plants. I see the birds naturally seeding our planet as they transported seeds over large distances. I see the generations of plants that were pollinated by the bees that gave us the fruit that gave us life. I see the many other insects that all fed the birds and the animals that lived of the birds and their eggs. I see the chain of life. I see the web the connectivity. I see us in that connected web of life.
I look back and I see the people living on the land with the animals. I see the different species of animals that have lived with these people through the generations; each area having their area species. I see the variety of species that are becoming extinct as only specific breeds of animals are breed for meat production in factory farming.
There was interdependence. The Indians respected the buffalo and only took what they needed to survive. The buffalo cropped the grasslands and fertilized them, they prevented erosion and desertification with their grazing and fertilizing the soil that make for greater water retention and allowed more plants to grow. The animal dung was eaten by the flies and they laid their larvae in it the birds eat the larvae and so on…

I see the destructive nature of our current system that is driving that life to extinction.  
Now with western agri-business sweeping across our world I see the displacement of animal and plants and birds and bees. I see the topsoil erosion through plowing.

I see the damage caused to our waters and oceans by fertilizers causing algae blooms – which consume all the oxygen in the water and cause fish to die.
I see the razor grass growing out of control in our wetlands.

I see the herbicides and pesticides that are killing the foundations of life our micro-organisms, insects and variety of plant species on the land.
I see the micro-organisms plants and plankton in the rivers and in the oceans dying out – we have huge lifeless expanding ocean deserts.

I see the devastation caused by subsidized farming making people around the world dependent upon corporate farming and this causing mass extinction.
I look back and I feel the pain of our ancestors and all of the animals and birds and insects that populated this planet are becoming extinct at an accelerating rate. I look back and I feel their pain because many of them fought and died trying to sustain the natural way of life. I feel the pain of all of the lives that were lived to perpetuate lives which are now all becoming extinct.

I see all of this and feel the pain while humans living in cities are chasing money and not paying attention. Those species are becoming extinct – never to be seen again – they are gone forever. All of that variety that is necessary to sustain life is being destroyed by the sick system that feeds us.  And unwittingly we continue to buy “conventional agricultural products” instead of growing our own.
If we wish to survive and ensure our children have a happy healthy lives on this planet we need to:
Awaken - become much more conscious.Stop believing the lies. Don't just accept what you are being told is true. Question everything.
Pay attention and stop allowing these megalomaniacs to destroy our once bio-diverse living planet.
Stop supporting them.
Stop capitalism, stop imperialism.
Stop plowing, stop using fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
Stop subsidizing agribusiness.
Let the animals roam the land and reclaim desert/semi desert regions. Reintroduce domesticated wild life into the wild.
Move back to the land – cities cannot support the masses – cities are dead zones
Initially subsidize small communal farms and enable people to reconnect with the land.
Search the world for the varieties of traditional seeds that still exist and reseed our planet.
Repopulate our planet with the variety of species of plant and animal insects and micro-organisms that are left.
Create huge marine reserves in a minimum of 20% of our oceans to repopulate our oceans.
Create natural, wild life sanctuaries for across our planet.
Better still we must reintegrate our way of life with nature using Poly culture/natural agriculture/permaculture.
We have a big task ahead of us if we are to survive and live, health, happy lives. For this it is time we wake up and get to it before it is too late.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Awareness and consciousness - It is raining today.

Tropical storm Celia I think. In a relaxed and meditative state after dinner I walked outside and stopped to just be in the moment and sense my environment. Standing outside restaurant Jalisco on US1, a highway, there was a fair amount of traffic and I listened to the sounds of the wheels of the cars as the swished along the wet road and the sounds of their engines and a squealing of a slipping fan belt, and the knocking sound of something loose on cars that needed some maintenance.

Standing in meditation my awareness of the cars faded away as I became aware that my body was not standing dead still but was steadily compensating to maintain my standing position and balance, at a subtle level I was wobbling or weaving with the general effect of standing relatively still.

My body awareness faded as my gaze went to a puddle of water in front of me. I watched as the rain drops made the water stand up like little vertical rods of water which fell back down into the water making waves that rapidly radiated out in perfect circles. As soon as the rod collapsed back into the water it made waves that were full of energy and pronounced, as they radiated away and the circles became bigger, the waves got smaller and faded away at a diameter of about 14inches.

Raindrops randomly falling, they made circles that radiated outwards through one another while still maintaining their circular shape. Although they did combine their energy in height as they crossed, their circular shape and outwards motion did not change, as they continued to dissipate.

I moved out into the light rain and again stood still, watching, being, and experiencing the moment with a sense of wellbeing and pleasure.

Then being drawn back to my responsibility to others as a teacher I began trying to be observant enough to focus on each aspect as it happened and to encode it into language to be able to write about the experience so others would have some inkling of what it is to become more conscious and aware of our environment. I could feel the raindrops on my head, neck and back then that faded as I began to focus on the puddles and raindrop rings.

Later in that same meditative calm state it suddenly became apparent to me. How similar we are to this. As energy beings we are constantly radiating energy outwards in all directions at once. Unlike water energy that radiates energy outwards, on the flat surface of the water. We radiate our energy outwards like an expanding ball of energy. In human or other beings energy waves of heat and light, some energy like heat energy does not seem to travel very far. Where other energy like light can travel relatively far before it is absorbed into the environment, or it radiates outwards so much it is not visible anymore.

If someone were to stand on top of a building and an observer with 20 – 20 vision moved further and further away until eventually the observer could not see the person on the building anymore. This would be like the edge of our observable radiated light energy.

This radiated energy distance is like the edge of our sphere of physical influence in our location in our world. As we exist or move our influence moves with us. This is so important to understand when thinking of our connectedness and interdependence and the importance of our place in ecosystems and the sharing of energy for our health welfare and survival. This makes you aware of the energy we receive from people around us in everyday life. It makes us aware of the importance of biodiversity in feeding our energy being. Of course this leads to many other ways of looking at our sphere of influence.

Looking at what you do, how focused you are and how much energy you manage to get focused by others to achieve that focused intent. Change the way people think and believe and how they see themselves in the world and you might just change the world forever. No matter what you do you do change the world anyway. Whatever you do has an effect. Just living has is effects. Everything you do has its ripple effects on other things.

What we do as a society has huge wavelike effects on others, ecosystems and life. The future we live in is the result of what we do now. So why not make positive waves of change to create a wonderful future for our children.

In the writing above, being still and observing I began to become aware of my immediate environment, the natural world. Seeing an example of it happening I became aware of how it works. Then I became conscious of how the principles work in our world and universe. I then became conscious of some ramifications of this fundamentally natural behavior in our world. Then I was able to extrapolate it into many other new ways of observing the world and influencing the world…

This is one of the techniques to become more conscious. Just by stopping long enough to sense – see, hear, smell. And long enough to contemplate and encode. The truth was right in front of my eyes to see when I decided to pay attention and to awaken to it. Of course the experience was far more profound than I could put into words. Actually putting it into words is not the object of meditation, just being and experiencing is the object of the exercise. The rest comes as result of doing so.

As you become more and more conscious you will connect more and more with the radiant energy of the greater flow of the river of energy of nature and life. This is what we have lost in our unconscious beliefs in abstract religions. This is what we have lost through the ignorance creating influences that created our onion layers of unconsciousness.

Our abstract unconscious way of life has led us off on a divergent path with the flow of the river of energy of life and nature. The effect of this is that we are killing our natural flow of life in an attempt to perpetuate our abstract lives for money power and greed. This in turn is killing us and all of nature. When do we become conscious of what we are doing and begin to change our way of life?

When do we stop and smell the roses?

When do we awaken from our sleep?

When do we begin to become aware?

When do we become conscious of our greater natural and universal body?

When do we leave ignorance behind and start to pay attention to our natural world?

As I’m sitting here writing in the dining I become aware of: the sound of the fridge humming, the air conditioner’s fan blowing air into the room intermittently, the mains hum, and the other humming ringing buzzing sounds of my unnatural unhealthy city environment. This makes many of us sick without realizing it.

If I write for days on end I begin to feel depressed and all sorts of other negative emotions begin to build up. So it is important to get out and go and be with people or in nature, so I go to yoga or to the beach.

Most westerners unwittingly get this energy from socializing – being with other people and listening to music and dancing. Unfortunately people and technology are not necessarily most desirable sources of energy or the only sources of energy.

Often the places we hang out in bars and clubs where people are drinking smoking and taking all sorts of drugs are places full of frustration, imbalance, anger, aggression, shouting and swearing, fights and all sorts of violence. These people’s radiated energy can be very negative and is not very healthy for those around them. So be selective where you hang out and whose sphere of influence you live under.

For me being out in nature in the sunlight is the best place to find the healthy happy energy we all need to live healthy happy lives. I go to the ocean and surf and swim and play in the wind and rain and sunshine and it revitalizes my body and mind and sedates or relaxes me, creating a relaxed sense of wellbeing a meditative state of consciousness and being. In yoga this is referred to as being “yoga stoned”. Gardening, walking or hiking in the mountains, in the bush or jungle; are all wonderful sources of healthy energy.

In a healthy natural world there is a clean harmonious energy of a healthy happy child or a wild animal and pristine nature. I always wondered why the people who lived in harmony with nature were so happy and healthy. This is why.

“May you all learn to live in love, balance and harmony with one another and nature!”

Monday, July 15, 2013

This is the beginning of my Denism Book.
“The spiral of life begins with love and living in balance and harmony with the flow of energy of the universe and nature. Our challenge is to learn to live happily in love, balance and harmony with one another in nature. Let’s change how we think and behave and help save our world for our children.”
“May you live in Love, Balance and Harmony!”
By: Denis Moore
“Denism” Preface “
Let the voiceless ones be heard.” “Listen to the wisdom of the universe.” “Listen to nature.” “Listen to your ancestors.” “Listen to your children.” “Listen to me for I speak for them.” Denism’s is an attempt to raise awareness and consciousness of everyone on the planet. Thus bring about a much needed paradigm shift. It is a natural way of thinking and a hands-on movement to help save our world. Denism is based on the teachings of Denis Moore who was born in 1958 in Northern Rhodesia, now known as Zambia. These teaching are answers to Denis’ unrelenting questing and his personal quest to discover the truth; about nature, society, our world and universe. Through which he gained knowledge, awareness, consciousness and wisdom.
Although Denis is a marine engineer, a teacher, a captain and world traveler, much of the inspiration thoughts and ideas came to him while being one with nature, in meditative states, day dreaming and lucid dreaming. Denis often thinks of himself more as a channel, an encoder and a facilitator or teacher. With all of these techniques he has developed a unique sustainable harmonious way of thinking and being for future generations to live by. With all of this he shows you ways in which you can change your way of life to help save our world.
About the author - Let me use my Toast Masters ice-breaker speech titled “Imagine” to introduce myself: Let me use your imaginations to introduce myself. Many years ago my philosophy professor Ivan Bart proposed that: “we are the totality of our life’s experiences”. If this is true – to properly introduce myself I will have to describe all my life’s experiences in four to six minutes – which would present a problem that would require a creative solution.
• I could describe some of the most influential experiences of my life in a short story.
• However, they say a picture paints a thousand words.
• How many words do your imaginations paint?
So let’s use your imaginations to fill in what I leave out to make up for so few words and so little time. Imagine and see through my eyes:
I am at home in South Africa on the South East Coast of Natal in a place called Umtsinsini in 1968. I’m 10 years old. Walking down a Bush tunnel pathway towards the beach I marvel at the beauty of the pristine natural tropical bush. Strolling out onto the white sandy beach, I breathing in the fresh air, I feel warm sunlight on my shoulders. I see the beautiful blue ocean and feel the warm sand beneath my feet. I walk down to the water’s edge where the warm water laps against my feet. It is spring low tide – exposing the rocks; and the wonder world of rock pools.
So I step from rock to rock as crabs scurry sideways, out of reach. I See: limpets sucked tightly to the rocks. Looking into a rock pools I see: spiky black sea urchins; I touch yellow and purple enenomies that closes on my finger tip. Gazing into a pool, I see the beautiful colored tropical fish and an almost transparent brown dogfish darting in and out of its cave. I reach in a rock pool and pull out a camouflaged octopus – it wraps it tentacles around my arm, then I remember its beak shaped mouth, and put it back in the water. It squirts out back ink as it backs away.
Moving further out on the rocks, I step as lightly as possible over the sharp muscles and onto the soft carpets of green, orange and purple sponges that squirt out water as I go.
I lower myself into a waist deep gully and begin to snorkel seeing schools of fish, coral sea ferns and crayfish feelers… as I begin to swim in the womb of the ocean… I swim for hours
Eventually growing tired I get out and walk on along the beach... Coming to a lagoon where the magnificent purple, blue, orange, red and yellow feathered kingfishers swoop down to catch fish. The ligavans (iguanas) lay warming themselves in the sunlight, on the rocks, with emotionless eyes.
I follow the path to a waterfall... And standing under it I wash away the salt crystals that had formed on my body. I’m seventeen now: I lay down on a rock, feeling the warm sun streaming through the canopy. Letting my arm hang down I feel my fingertips touch the cool water and feel an electrical shiver through my body. I lay there in a meditative state and become more conscious and hear the sounds of the frogs and the crickets and the birds and the bees identifying one at a time. I hear a buck nearby moving in the undergrowth. Eventually awakening myself...
I am twenty three now: Warm, rested, and relaxed, I walk on through the bush, stopping to dig for tubers, picking: greens, fruit, berries, form the forest; eventually reaching a clearing and the place where my family live.
The children are sitting at the feet of the elders, who are telling stories, passing on the wisdom of the tribe. The children see me and come running up to me happily laughing and excited to see what I have brought home.
Our tribe is a loving, giving, caring, compassionate tribe that lives in harmony with nature and all others.
Although I used a bit of artistic license I did not have to use my imagination give this talk, I experienced it myself… And these are some of the most influential experiences of my life, and the tribe that helped raise me.
They call me Inkosan, you can call me Denis. “I see you” and thank you for letting me introduce myself to you.
Thank you Madam Toastmaster.
Who is Denis Moore?
“I was the youngest son of four children born to nature loving parents who separated when I was twelve. There after having little to no parental guidance. I learned early on to be take responsibility for my own life. Born in Zambia central Africa and growing up with cow dung between my toes on a subsistence farm on the foot hills of the Drakensberg mountains and later surfing in the warm waters of the east coast of South Africa, I lived and breathed nature but was always searching for more.
From very young I dreamed that there would be someone who could honestly answer my questions about life, not to control me and use me but just tell me the truth for the truth’s sake. I realized early on that those in power, preachers and teachers with their agendas could not be relied upon to tell the truth. I was always asking questions like: “Can you prove there is a God?” “If there is a god, show me your god?” “Why would a loving God make me suffer kneeling on a hard wooden plank and a drawn out speech from an old man in a gown I didn’t know or believe, while the surf was breaking clean glassy six foot tubes; that God I was told had created himself and he had given me the skill to ride?” Either he did not exist or someone was lying to me. This question posed to my mother got me sent off to boarding school.
As an adult I lived in this world of lies and deception and denial, where the indoctrinated believe what the religions, science, governments, corporations and the rich and powerful want them to believe. On my life’s journey I also became lost or shall I say schooled in the values and belief system of our society and its way of life. After finishing school, I studied marine engineering, then education to become a teacher. I then became an entrepreneur building a screen printing business with my wife Sharon. Somewhere in the process I had lost my connection to nature and became a technocrat just like most of us do in western society. Surviving in this world became an internal fight every day to be true to myself. So I began to question again and in the process I began awakening, becoming more aware and conscious.
Eventually at the age of 27 my wife Sharon, a friend Andrew and I began a serious journey to discover the truth. This eventually became my own personal quest to answer all the questions I needed answered. Including life’s eternal questions: What are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How did we get here? What is the meaning or purpose of life? And so on. Having travelled a long life on this quest for the truth I have uncovered a lot and learned a lot about myself, our world, our society, many religions, science, politics, nature, the world and universe.
In the process I have uncovered an amazing wisdom that is hidden form all of those raised and conditioned into western society. Having learned all of this it has become my responsibility to continue seeking the truth and my honor to teach it to others what I have learned, so we will all know the real truth.” This quest helped me uncover my life’s purpose my dharma: to learn and teach this new way of life to help save our world for our children and all of nature that remains. My life’s purpose or dharma.
Just out of curiosity, I have never done this research before, but let’s look at my star signs. Wow! It is mind blowing to see how accurately the star signs describe: my nature, personality, behavior and my life’s purpose or dharma.
My personal motivations and values: I have been motivated my whole life to search for the truth. I was born to learn about nature, to quest for the truth and to teach. Being motivated to teach others out of love, respect and appreciation for everyone and all of nature. I have been on my own unique quest for the truth, not falling into existing belief systems or paradigms; while gathering what is true from where ever I found it.
I am a dog in the Chinese calendar: Words that describe the dog: honest, faithful, sincere, honorable, righteous, against injustice, intelligent, caring, good listener, loyal, profound, sense of duty, good mood, take everything seriously, possible occupations: educator, critic, doctor, priest, captain of industry. He is a profound and often original spokesman. As we all know a dog is a great example of unconditional love.
I am also a Sagittarian in the signs of the Zodiac (an archer man with a horse’s body): Words and excerpts that describe a Sagittarian: Truth seekers, travelers, in search of knowledge fuels broad minded approach to life. Keenly interested in philosophy “and religion and they find that these disciplines aid their internal quest.” A Sagittarian wants to know the meaning of life. Archer represents Sagittarians, Centaur (half man half beast) flings the arrows. Centaurs were the intellectuals of ancient Roman mythology. Clear thinkers, choosing to look at the big picture most of the time, blunt, tactless, listeners, enthusiastic, consumers of information, enthusiastic in general. Ruled by Jupiter. In ancient Roman times Jupiter was the king of the Gods. Generous and just – much like a noble leader. Expansive in their thoughts and approach. “forever reaching for knowledge understanding and answers” “outspoken in their beliefs”, unflinching optimism, lucky and smart. “While the process of exploration is what fuels Sagittarians (and translating that to others as a teacher and philosopher)” Element-fire, action adventure and hopeful conclusions. Love their physicality, athletic, stamina. Life …is played full–on, which is why it’s chock-full of experiences. Archers are outgoing, enthusiastic. Their words serve to inspire others. Straight-ahead folks who are curious, spiritual and true believers, attract other, great sense of fun, confident. Athleticism playful. “The great strength of the Sagittarius-born is their philosophical, wide-open and curious nature. These folks seek both knowledge and truth, and they are eager to share their explorations with others. Their optimistic and generous spirit makes them a pleasure to have around.” Go to the websites for better descriptions. I just pecked at them. It is amazing how true I am to these principles in my everyday life. In a world of choice, were we create our own reality, my underlying personality/essential nature seems to be my guiding force. Wow!
I watch as conventional agriculture kills our planet with monocultures displacing all life in its path, plowing washing away our precious topsoil, fertilizers causing algae blooms that use up the oxygen in our rivers and oceans and killing fish, the herbicides and pesticides are killing all ‘competing’ plants, insect life, bacterial life and plankton in our oceans. I watch as these foundations of life are destroyed in the name of corporate profits.
I watch as we consume all of the worlds ‘resources’, like all of the trees and animals in the jungles and the fish in the oceans and ‘fossil fuels’, as if there is no tomorrow. I watch cities grow and over populate. I watch the wars driven by oil. I watch empires grow on the energy of our survival kit of our life-raft/our planet in the ocean of space. If we burn all of the fossilized energy we have available in storage in the earth’s crust and consume all of the energy of other living beings on the land and in the ocean, what will we do when it is all gone? What will happen if we have another ice age and we have no wood to burn and no fossil fuels to burn to keep us warm? What happens when all the reserves are gone? What happens when our economic systems collapse?
Think about where you live on the planet and then take away oil and coal and natural gas. Then think about how you are going to survive. These are not endless ‘resources’ to be used up irresponsibly. I see the wars and the expansion of demand and excessive consumption are all driven by unsustainable resources that will run out. Already we are looking at there being no commercial fishing from 2050 onwards.
The jungles of the world are being driven back at an ever increasing rate. The Ice caps are melting. Glaciers that provide water for huge regions are receding at unbelievable rates. In the Congolese jungles wild life is being driven towards extinction by commercial logging and through people hunting for ‘bush meat’ because their fishing catches are too small to feed the population; which is caused by commercial over fishing by foreign countries in their waters.
Our way of life is obviously unsustainable. I recently traveled up and down the Caribbean volcanic island chain and discovered that their relatively small coral reefs were fished out. I also found out that many of the restaurants and resorts were corporately owned. Then I looked at the populations of people that lived on the islands and at how few grew their own food. Then I looked at the seasonal nature of much of their businesses because of summer hurricane season. Then the tourism the mega yacht industry and the cruise shipping industry that drives their economies. Then I asked the question what will happen to these people on these over populated islands when oil runs out or when it becomes too expensive for the average person on the islands? Well it is obvious they will have to leave or die in huge numbers.
Then I came back to America and I looked at the numbers of people living in cities/concrete jungles/deserts/dead-zones I realized that they could not grow enough food to support their populations in the cities. Again I asked myself the question: “So what would happen if oil stopped flowing or became too expensive for the average American? Which I know will happen soon. Well, the variety of food would stop coming from all over the world to sustain these people abstract lives.
Conventional agriculture will stop producing the huge quantities of bad food. Mechanized food production will stop. Of course this might be a process of change where only the rich can afford food while the rest starve. But eventually it will be the fate of all of us.
So I went on to think about all of the effort people have been putting into building these cities which would be useless, because people would have to leave them all behind. If they wanted to survive, they would have to return to the land.
Then I thought about the loss of topsoil through ‘conventional agriculture’ and realized that moving back onto the land would take two to four years, and in some cases much more time, to of reestablishing healthy topsoil to ensure sufficient production. Then I thought about the herbicides and pesticides that are killing our biodiversity and people trying to grow the variety of crops they need to survive. Then I thought of the monocultures that occupy the lands and the lack of variety that would be needed to support all of the population. We cannot live on corn or wheat or sugar cane alone.
I then thought about how much time it takes for one to grow a sustainable complex eco-system. Some fruit bearing trees take at least 14 years to grow. Then I thought about the only way to survive would be to begin to build those bridges to the future now before we run out of the ‘energy reserves’ because it will be a lot harder later. It reminded me of the pilgrims that came to America on those first ships and did not have the knowledge and the stored energy reserves to survive through the winter.
The winter of no ‘free resources’ is almost upon us, do we do what is necessary for survival or do we wait until it is too late? I realized that unless we change now from this corporate controlled state and the monoculture production the whole continent of America is a monoculture dead-zone.
Then I realized the way capitalistic corporate interests are being spread around the world, by imperialism and military actions, they are creating more and more of these dead-zones/deserts for all life forms but their crops. I realized that most of our world is going to be in a state of environmental collapse and most humans will not survive and most life on this planet will not survive either.
Our only hope is to change our way of life and to build bridges to the future, NOW. There is only one sustainable resource and that is the incoming energy from the sun and universe. So we have no choice but to stop using up our reserves and begin to capture the incoming energy. The major processors of energy are the wind, weather, oceans, waves, currents and life in the oceans. On the land it is wind, direct sunlight – heat and light and other frequencies and all life – bacteria, plant, insects and animal life. We need to stop the insanity.
We need to stop the corporate machine. We need to stop the capitalistic machine. We need to stop the imperialistic machine. We need to protect what we have left of nature and We need to go back to the land.
We need to nurture the ecosystems that: capture the suns energy; sequester carbon from the atmosphere; produce an oxygen rich atmosphere; feed us; clean our rivers and streams; feed the biodiversity hold onto our precious topsoil; act as natural air conditioning; increase rainfall; filter our water and hold onto water and prevent flooding… not only for us to survive but to improve our quality of life. We need to fix what we have broken in nature. We must invest in nature the provider of life. ---
“We the people of our current institutionalized world are on a train racing towards the cliff of extinction and it is time to get off that train before it is too late!” “May we choose love, balance and harmony to provide a wonderful future for our children.” This is an attempt to save ourselves and our world for our children.
To do this we need to change the way we think our values and beliefs and our way of life. These teachings are based on universal and natural wisdom that the universe and nature were built upon. It is the wisdom that all wild animals and indigenous groups of people lived by on the land to sustain life. It is the wisdom of nature that worked together from the first signs of photosynthesis 4 billion years ago to the rich oxygen atmosphere that supported other life forms. It is the wisdom of our ancestors. It is the wisdom that all natural livings things in the organism of life on this planet worked towards through uncountable generations to build up to our lives without which we would not exist.
If we apply these principles to our everyday lives we will save our world for our children and live happy and contented lives. Abstract Institutionalized thought dominates our societal way of thinking and thus way of life which influences our choices to create the type of societies we live in and how we behave in our world towards one another and nature.
Much of the dominant institutionalized thought is this blind unthinking immoral force that is killing our world. These institutions are in many cases headed by immoral CEOs with their eyes on profits and growth. And even if you put someone in charge who wanted to change the direction of an institution he would more than likely make little to no difference. The reasons for this are: that the fundamental values and beliefs of that institution are so embedded in the institution and in the minds of all of the people that make up the institution. And the institutions have defense mechanisms that protect the institutions from change. President Obama is a prime example – he might have had grand ideas but the system will not let him change it. It is almost impossible to change an institution from the top down. You have to change the hearts and minds of the people within them. You have to change their values and beliefs and thus their behavior. Or dismantle the institution and start again with different values and beliefs.
The most dominant institutions are monetary, capitalistic and imperialistic institutions. These institutions are powered by the people’s energy. They are managed and run by the people. However they are mainly controlled by capitalistic and imperialistic interests. Which are the interests of privately owned corporations that are managed by extremely well paid chief executive officers CEOs and mostly owned by a few super rich and powerful people of our world. Many of the foundational values and beliefs on which the institutions stand are the values and beliefs of religions. These religious values and beliefs are also the foundations on which our society is built and dominate and control our lives in our societies.
Religions are thought control institutions that’s purpose is to influence and control people to achieve a certain purpose. These religious institutions tend to dominate and influence many of the other institutions to have the same or similar values and beliefs. Believers living in religious dominated societies often support these institutions. So it is obvious that they build their newer institutions with the same foundations as their religion. Newton was a father in his church, just like many other influential religious scientists his way of thinking was influenced by his beliefs. The beginnings of institutions are sometimes founded on paradigm shifting ways of thinking; which are not necessarily beneficial to all people and nature. These paradigm shifts are usually a shift in fundamental thoughts on which values and beliefs are based. The institutions being built on these values and beliefs are not in a hurry to change because it would upset the very foundations of the institution and might mean the collapse of the whole institution. This makes these institutions immune to change.
Looking back at history, at various times people came up with a paradigm shifting philosophies. These people were people like Moses, Jesus, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton and Einstein. These historic paradigm shifts changed the way people perceive the universe and the world and their place in it. They changed people’s thoughts and the way they lived in the world and this caused the people to change the course of history. However there was no philosophy as enduring as Moses’s. In the beginning his philosophy helped a select few people benefit at the expense of others and nature. As his philosophy spread throughout history, it benefited those who subscribed to it, at the expense of others and nature. Now it is a dominant world force it is still doing the same thing.
In our modern history the philosophy of Moses, no matter how disharmonious, has been the most dominant and influential. It is the foundational way of thinking of most of the dominant institutions of western society. And even although Jesus tried to change the course of history Moses’s philosophy dominated. Even with Copernicus, Galileo, Michelson Morley, Einstein and many other scientists proving the untruths of Moses’s way of thinking they had an effect but did not change the dominant course of the institutionalized philosophy of Moses.
Science tried to be real and objective to change the ethereal ways of thinking to what is true in nature and provable. They had some impact but still did not change the dominance of values and beliefs of Moses. The dominant institutions use the values and beliefs of Moses: Fear; Domination; Belief in one god - to extend their power base and the increased centralization of power; blind belief; segregation/divide and rule/you are with us or against us – borders and fences; absolutism – simple back and white, good and evil heaven and hell; elitism – “we are the chosen ones” “we are Christians you are pagans heathens”; control of nature; above and separate from nature; ownership of land; entitlement; plunder...
The dominant institutions are forcing their agenda: killing our natural world; warring; plundering all of nature as perceived free natural resources – with a sense of entitlement; unsustainably taking and not putting back; polluting our lands, rivers, lakes and oceans as if there is no tomorrow. They divide and rule – driving people off the land into cities to be used as labor resources and markets for products; growing monoculture farms where there was once biodiversity. The very foundations of life are being destroyed – our biodiversity, our fresh water, and oceans are being polluted, our air is polluted, our topsoil is being washed away, our microorganism and plankton in the oceans is being killed, life in our oceans is being over fished… The list goes on and on.
When do we as people say enough is enough and do something about it? The limits of nature and peoples suffering are demanding that we change our way of life. We all need to get off the train and move towards a sustainable future by changing our way of life. To do this we need a fundamental paradigm shift. Only by changing foundational thought and behavior will we change our world. We need a new paradigm shift to change the way we think and behave in our world. With the main aim of ensuring life goes on, on this planet and ensuring a wonderful healthy happy future for our children and all of nature.
To do this we must build new institutions of learning that teach the truth about who we are and what we are and promote living in harmony with one another and nature. A philosophy based on truth and expressed with love balance and harmony.
We need to move from: • An age of ignorance to an age of enlightenment, raising awareness and consciousness; • Religions, religious biased sciences, governments, corporations, and the rich’s, dominance of our thoughts and behaviors; to a new rational way of life. • Blind belief of so many untruths and abstract ways of thinking; to the truth based on reasonable logic. • Unnatural and destructive values and beliefs – on which our dominant institutions and our way of life are based – to a new harmonious way of linking • An unsustainable way of life to a sustainable one. By changing our values and beliefs we change our focus thus redirecting our energy and change our way of life. In the process we will help save our world.
We have been living a lie for long enough. So let’s move towards truth, honesty and universal and natural wisdom. “Is your life going to be a continuation of the age of ignorance or is it going to be the beginning of the age of reason?” ---
Denism is the philosophy of nature and the universe facilitated by Denis Moore; whose life’s purpose is to help save our world for our children and all future generations of life on this amazing wonderful planet earth. If we change the way we think and act we will change our world! This philosophy teaches people how to live in harmony with one another and the planet. There is a lemming madness driving all life on earth off the cliff of extinction. While many of us are trying our level best to change the direction of that driving force, there are those in power and their unthinking followers who are resisting change and hanging on to the old ways. Then there are some who have no idea what is going on. Others feel they cannot change because they are caught up in the system and dependent upon it. Some are just apathetic and don’t care. Some have a lack of knowledge of what to do or maybe they lack the perspective, maturity, or responsibility…that will only come with going on ‘their personal quest to discover the truth’ which brings about personal change in so many ways some of which are a rise in consciousness and wisdom.
So what is it that is the problem and what are the solutions? It all begins and ends with the way we think and how we behave in our world. There are many perspectives from which to see the problem. So let’s look at three perspectives: • The individual person’s perspective. • The current dominant societal world view. • And the world view we need to survive and once again achieve balance and harmony with our planet and one another.
The majority of people on this planet have been influenced into the way of thinking of the dominant world view of those in power and their thought and behavior control institutions. They are cloaked in layers of an onion with different beliefs that influence their ways of life and prevent people from becoming aware, conscious or enlightened. We have to peel back all these layers to see the truth.
This layering begins at a very young age with the influence of parents who in many cases are already blind onions wrapped up/conditioned/indoctrinated in their beliefs. As my friend put it: “they have drank the Coolade” The layers of their onion are many, language, culture, religion, values and beliefs, specialized ‘education’, religious bias, sciences, physics, mathematics, time, regulations, laws, abstract monetary and economic systems, consumerism, capitalism, communism, imperialism; all creating a state of ignorance.
Most people in our days are born into a system and live in cities. They believe in the systems they are indoctrinated into and cannot comprehend any other way of life. They are trained to be cogs in the system’s machinery and to live their lives out on the labor treadmill of life (as a labor resource and consumers) They are dependent on those in power for jobs and money that buy them land, housing, food, water, transport, toys, insurance for things like cars, home, medical, and they save for more training to continue to work in a changing economic world. Or buy on credit which enslaves them even more. They have become slaves of an uncompassionate system that works them hard for little return.
With inflation and economic collapses, they are being driven ever harder for less, causing stress, sickness and disease. Most people, a few generations into this way of life, have no idea that there is another way of life and that the world never used to be this way. They have no idea that their basic human rights to land food water air knowledge and wisdom have been stolen from them and they have to use their labor to pay the owners for the rights to use them.
The dominant societal view is controlled by the rich and powerful. This empowers them to control that main flow and direction of society’s energy for their own benefit at the expense of the world and all of us. The dominant institutionalized societal view is directed by those who head the institutions as well as the values and beliefs on which the institutions were built.
There are many institutions some of which are: the producers/printers of currencies, banks, corporations, governments, militaries, state governments, city and town governing bodies… The majority of these corporations are influenced by the business or corporate ways of thinking. Governments are influenced by: owners of huge privately owned and controlled corporations; the printers of currencies; bankers; stock exchanges; CEOs; the investor class; the media and certain religions. Not only are the institutionalized corporations capitalism and imperialism the problem.
We are part of the problem. We need to stop supporting them if we wish to change our world. Mahatma Gandhi said: "The future depends upon what we do in the present." A person’s who knows what is wrong with their way of thinking, values and beliefs and conditioning can change by themselves. If of course they have the necessary knowledge and wisdom and the will to change. As a large enough group of these people we can influence and change the larger societal world view. For example: Mahatma Gandhi used passive resistance to remove the colonial British empire from power in India.
If people realized the answers to life’s eternal questions they would have a totally different perspective or world view: What am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What I the purpose or meaning of life? They would have a totally different world and universal view.
To a great extent you are what you assimilate. What you are is an energy being in an energy universe. You are composed of the energy of the universe which composes all of nature. You are an energy expression of nature within nature. Like a fish in our atmospheric/environmental fish bowl, you are expressions of the environment in which you live and you depend upon it for your quality of life. You are land, the air, the water and the energy (heat, light and many other frequencies). You are an intelligent human being. As are all forms of life. Any community of energy, cells, life forms are all only possible with a combined communal effort and intent – this is to me – intelligence. You are a life form that depends upon all other life forms and all of nature for survival. You are a living organism a natural ecosystem. You are an expression of the ecosystem within that ecosystem.
Your quality of life depends upon the health of the natural systems around you. The clean oxygen rich air you breathe; the fresh clean water you drink; the healthy natural food you eat – all affect your quality of life. You come from the energy of the universe and are the energy of the universe expressed as a physical human being. Thus you are energy of the universe within the universe. You are a physical being in this physical world an expression of our natural world within it.
You are the continuation of the lives of your mothers and fathers fore fathers and mothers. You are the continuation of all of the life forms that contributed to their lives and your life from the insects to the birds bees and plants that were pollinated by them and all of the animals that fed and sustained your ancestors lives’ and continue to sustain your life. You are this great legacy of past life on this planet. You are part of the responsible living leading edge of life on this planet. What is the legacy you leave for life in the future?
You are also the energy of the universe and more so the energy of the sun in this region that sustains all life on this planet. You are the energy of the stars and galaxies that flow into our reality. You are the energy of nature and the universe. You are the children of our human family, of our greater family of nature and children of the universe. Past energy brought you this far you are in the driver’s seat now. It is your turn to be the responsible grown up and choose well. So what is the legacy you leave for future generations?
Well we are all energy expressions of an intelligent universe (a universe with immense amounts of organization and complexity that requires a natural and universal wisdom. The word wisdom somehow seems to be stationary. In a motion energy universe I would think of it more as intelligence in motion, capable of adapting and changing all the time and being expressed in whatever form we can understand it in as well as being an underlying wisdom; a necessary wisdom without which none of this would be possible.
Looking at our controlling energy our essential nature our perceived self. We have a life’s purpose or Dharma that we intuitively live out. Our essential energy and life’s purpose comes from whatever part of the universe we come from and enters into this world to become physically expressed in this world as a physical living being. My intuitive behavior, my nature, my dreams and my star signs prove this. Being a dog in the Chinese calendar and a Sagittarian in the star signs, both have my personal behavioral characteristics and both are teachers and both have many other similar qualities which are unquestioningly me.
Having been unwittingly been driven my whole life to teach, and help save our world I know this was my before life determined behavior. So I am here to teach. Below is a simplified version of my plan – how this will be achieved.
How this will be achieved: By changing our way of life we will change the world. With adults: We need to change how they think their values and beliefs and past programming. This will change their behavior which will in turn change the world. We do this by raising people’s awareness and consciousness by teaching the truth, using the quest for the truth as a tool to showing them what to do and how to change. This will lead to the realization that living on the land as one with it is the foundation of our lives.
Moving back to the land we will be teaching our children about nature and raising them in nature. Their educational foundations must be about: who they are, what they are, where they come from and where they are going. Nature is the foundation of their lives so it must be the foundation of their education. Our children are our future so if we teach them how to live in love, balance and harmony with nature so that will be our future. Finally by institutionalizing this system around the world we ensure its longevity.
This will not only to create a wonderful world for us all to live in it will ensure that it endures into the future. I will use books, speeches, video and seminars to teach “The Quest for The Truth” and “Denism” - my insights. The methods used will be: To begin with promoting this way of thinking. Those who show interest I will begin by guiding them on their own personal quests for the truth which will help them see the truth. This is done with the lessons I learned and the discoveries I made on my personal quest plus “The Quest Guide Book.” This quest will:
• Show the importance of journaling your life’s experiences.
• Teach them, how to control their dream states, relive their dreams and learn from them.
• Shows them how to meditate and control their altered states of consciousness without any substance abuse.
• Result in people gaining awareness and perspective of self, nature and the universe.
• Raise their consciousness and connectivity to all of nature, one another and the universe – leading them to become enlightened beings.
• Help them uncover their life’s purpose.
• And uncover the answers to life’s eternal questions: who are we, what are we, where do we come from and where are we going?
• It will deal with self, ways of thinking, religions, politics, science, politics, the nature of reality, and awaken to an energy world view and our place in the world and universe thus creating a state of Enervee(spirituality) with self, nature and the universe.
• This process will result in changing ones fundamental ways of thinking and create a wonderful set of values and beliefs that will change people’s behavior thus change our world.
• It will teach them responsibility and show them ways to help save our world. The honest answers to the many questions asked and answered on this quest will change the way people see themselves in the world and universe. All this and much more will be achieved with the insights in my written works, website, videos and small group teachings and seminars.
Teaching the above will build a foundation of willing activists who will Help Save Our World. Some of these people will assist in the primary organizations development and promotions and funding campaigns.
Others will become future teachers who will travel, teach the truth and set up satellite institutions. Some will combine my teachings with teaching polyculture, permaculture and natural agriculture and begin to set up small self-sufficient sustainable communities on the land. These communities will work together as one greater community integrating with all of nature and one another. This will be done to make the world into one greater bio-diverse, self-sustaining eco-system to create a sustainable future for all life on the planet and a future for our children and all of nature.
Together we will institutionalize this way of thinking and the values and beliefs of this way of life. As quickly as possible we will build a connected web of groups of people all over the world who will help teach others and change the course of history. This will change our world from a world of segregation, violence and plunder to a world of unity and communal co-operation.
There are many ways of ensuring a sustainable future for future generations: So we will have other core groups of nonviolent activists working on many different projects. Some will work towards protecting what we have left of nature by creating protected areas in our oceans and on the land that cannot be touched by capitalism imperialism and corporations. These people will be working on changing government policies. The primary purpose of these sanctuaries is to repopulate our planet with nature.
They will try and pull all of the organizations already in existence to work together for these common goals. While we are fragmented we have less influence and power to change. A central theme of this organization is to stop supporting destructive institutions and building a dispersed sustainable future where we the people are re-empowered and live happily in harmony with one another and nature.
Reintegrating ourselves with nature we will help re-seed our world for our future generations.
For those who are not interested in this idea this is all I have to say: We don’t have time to waste. We are killing our natural world and soon we will have nothing left no alternatives and we will suffer famine, droughts and unsafe world to live in with crime and violence combined with extreme weather, and all the unpleasantness that comes with the above, followed by eventual extinction. Is this the future you want for yourself and is it the future you want for you children? Either we continue to steal from our and our children’s futures or we change now and ensure there will be a happy and sustainable future for us all.
Nature is the only sustainable way to absorb energy and store it for future use. The sun shines the plants grow, we and other animals eat the plants and we grow. Our only way to survive into the future after this economy collapses and oil is gone is to prepare ourselves now for that future. Will there be life after capitalism, imperialism, religion and technology? Only by investing now in Mother Nature will we stand a chance. Without it we are done for. With your funding: I can continue writing, making audible and visual teaching aids for the teaching facilities. We can set up teaching facilities.
We can acquire land, through donated land, by working the land that others already have available. We need to begin to reestablish those natural environments and reintroduce foods that sustain our lives in those environments as well. We need complex bio-diverse ecosystems to survive and live happy and health lives. As this new system and way of thinking grows we will create a wonderful future for our children as we re-seed and reestablish natures ecosystems we will revive Mother Earth.
The only conditions for donations are that they cannot be accepted with conditions other that they will be used with utmost integrity to achieve the goals of the organization. I say this because many NGO’s although starting off with very noble ideas ended up having little to no impact because of government and corporate control mechanisms.
With this I ask for you to join me on my quest for the truth and my journey to help save our world. If you can afford to make a donation, no matter how large or small, it will be appreciated. If you can only donate time and skills I could do with some help. This is a huge undertaking but it can be achieved with positive attitudes and some dedication and effort.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

“Live in love, balance and harmony”

Love, balance and harmony are the three most important words we humans have forgotten to live by. If we just practice these three ways of life in everything we do, we will save our world and ourselves from extinction.

We need a love of self, one another, all of nature and the universe.
A love of nature will reconnect us with that which gives and sustains life.

We need to live in balance with ourselves, others and nature.
We need to reestablish the balances of nature we have destroyed.
We need to live in harmony with ourselves, others and nature.

“May you live in love, balance and harmony?”
Denis Moore

Friday, October 28, 2011

All children are our children

Your children are my children. All children on this planet are our children. We are a family of fellow travelers on this journey of life. All babies are our babies from the tiniest shoots/sprouts of plants to plankton in the oceans - they are our babies; our future and our children’s futures and the future of the planet.

Instead of having more human children, let other forms of life be your babies, teach your children that other life forms are their brothers and sisters, raise them with love and connectivity. The perpetuation of the human species is important, however not more important than all the other species of life that give us life. Love of all of nature and life is fundamental to life. Love of nature in all its diversity is essential for the survival of all species including our own human species.

We have converted the life force on this planet to one dominant species. Yet we know specialization leads to extinction. Life force’s biodiversity is essential for the survival of life on this planet. Life is not just about us as a species it is about the living family of life – including all of nature.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gifts - Giving and receiving we maintain the natural balances of life.

I have just finnished writing a book called Gifts - Giving and receiving we maintain the natural balances of life.  It is free for anyone to copy and read. Any one wanting a copy must just send me their email address in the comments section and I will be happy to send them a copy.

I am now trying to create a website for all my writings and much more, called If there is anyone who can help me with this it would be much appreciated.

Denis Moore

Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy wall street. What are we protesting for?

Most of the supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement do not fully understand the origins and magnitude of their struggles.

Most people are unaware of the magnitude of the financial/economic/political issue they are protesting. To most the financial system seems to have become a more and more unfair and unbalanced as they continue to play the game; and yet few of us understand why and have the perspective to see the big picture.
Most are stuck in the ideas and the language of the political/economic conversation; keeping them within the confines of the current paradigm thus perpetuating the system and preventing real change. People are so conditioned to think: “We need jobs, work, for money, to pay for our student loans, our debts…They do not realize that they, their parents, or their ancestors gave up their basic human rights for a system that was designed to rob them blind. They also do not realize that the game is just about over. The rich have almost everything and we the people have less and less. Neither do they realize the reasons why this system got out of control so fast

The basic systemic problems of this money and value based system cannot be resolved through extra rules and regulations. It is designed to be a short lived economic system that has historically risen and fallen at great pain and hardship to the greater majority and nature. Just think back to the French and Russian revolutions and further back to the rise and fall of empires including the Roman Empire. Throughout history wealth centralizing systems have failed, because nature cannot sustain them.

This time around it has been on steroids: Firstly because of fossil fuels; however those days are nearly over. Secondly the abstract reasoning and the separation of money then plastic and digits on a screen and abstract derivatives… all got further and further away from the natural energy systems of the only real natural economy. Eventually we have to return to reality and live within the natural sustainable energy systems of our world. Not on energy that was stored millions of years ago or on abstract money and jobs in centralized cities.

While we perpetuate this system the economic imbalances will be maintained. If people want real change they need to have perspective and know what the alternatives are.
When did survival change from our dependence on nature to our dependence on an abstract economic system? I cannot answer that because it has been a long process of manipulation and lies powered by short term profits and greed.
To me there are two dominant economic systems: One unnatural system that is supposed to represents the natural energy system, and the true energy system. The unnatural economic system is systematically destroying the natural system for profits and greed, at no matter what expense to our survival, our children’s futures and is driving us towards extinction as a species.

In the natural energy system where the sun/stars and all beings radiate energy outward and receive energy. The sun shines, the plants grow, we eat the plants and we grow - this is the sustainable natural giving and receiving system: which should be our societal economic system. And all other animals unconditionally accept and live in harmony with. The greatest honor among humans in a natural giving societies is to give to others, and to accept graciously; not to take at the expense of all others destroying for ego and short term profits, as is the case in the value based/monetary economy. Having a lot of money is not success it is failure and greed. Living in a natural economy you take only what you need, and add to the system buy cultivating and growing more life for a sustainable future. Living sustainably is success.
Then there is the abstract monetary system – which is based on – paper and ink, plastic cards or digits on a screen, representing the energy of nature. Cowry shells and beads gold and jewels, have been used for similar systems in the past… all of which were unsustainable, based on abstract thinking, all eventually failed. Forcing the people to decentralize and live off the land. Going back to the only natural energy system.

Our western capitalistic, monopolistic system is designed to systemically centralize power in the hands of a few and that means nothing left for nature and the rest of humanity. Everyone who has played monopoly knows only one man wins.
Natural systems are sustainable; unnatural economic systems are not. The sun continues to shine and plants continue to grow making nature sustainable, energy continuing to flow into the system. Money does not keep on growing on trees.
A monetary system has to limit the amount of money it prints so the money maintains a value, print too much and the money is worthless. Now apply the concepts of interest, profiteering and abstract trading in a gambling stock exchange. The currency becomes so detached from the natural energy it is supposed to represent in nature so as to be totally disconnected from it.
The printed money or digits on the screens become monopolized at an ever accelerating rate eventually all accept one of the people who play the game of monopoly are losers in the game. The losers have to borrow money to keep on playing; while getting deeper and deeper in debt. A looser cannot win this game no matter how hard he tries because the one with the advantage always wins.
The solution is to decentralize go back to living in small communities/extended families on the land. By decentralizing power back into the hands of the people on the land, let the rivers flow. Recreate independence from power based systems and dependence on nature and our immediate communities. This will create health, natural sustainable wealth in the ecosystem and happiness. Humans have lived in giving communities throughout history. If we wish to survive as a species we have no choice but to do this soon.
We are protesting for the wrong things we should not be asking for jobs and money we should be asking for our basic human rights to live off the land (Not to own the land – we cannot own our mother), and for our rivers to flow freely. So we can recreate the natural ecosystems that sustain and give us life. We must regenerate the natural ecosystem - the womb of mother earth – that gives and sustains all life. We must protect mother earth and create a wonderful future for our children and all of nature, living with love respect and appreciation in the natural balances of a giving society. .

The natural systems are natural life generating systems, if we let them be and stop trying to control them so much. Rabits left to breed become many and live on the land. Fowl and all sorts of animals left to roam the land will populate the planet. The shortages are because of our control and interference with nature. let nature be and it will acheive its own grow and balances. Human interference has destroyed natural ecosystems.
Centralization will starve us and destroying our planet and all life on it for greed. So a few will be rich and powerful and own it all at the expense of all of us and nature. If you care about yourself, your children and nature you should start building the bridges back to a natural non value based natural economy.

To start: Begin to learn to grow your own food; becoming less dependent on mega stores and destructive corporate agri-business. We should be asking for subsidies to establish small communities to live on and off the land. Self-employment is better than slavery. We have little time left to reestablish topsoil and all the natural ecosystems that sustain our lives.
We must stop the use of plows, industrial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and genetically engineered sead etc and recreate topsoil and the natural ecosystems that maintain the balances. Let all animals roam free on the land; only take what you need and work towards a sustainable natural system. Ownership should be outlawed. While someone is using something it is theirs to use and not coveted by another. We need to live in giving sharing communities.
A value based system is not a natural system. From the smallest vibrations of space to the most complex beings, everything is important to the natural system. Without any one vibration or thing the system would be less than it is.
So in a natural system everything is equally valued and important. Let us live in equality love, mutual respect and appreciation of all contributions to our wonderful world and stop the greed of this abstract value based monetary system and move back onto the land and live in small extended families and small groups and become one with nature the provider of life.

What good is a pocket full of money if the natural world is dead and destroyed? No one can survive on a dead planet. Every being is dependent on many other beings, in the balanced interconnected ecosystems, for life.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Help Save Our World

Help Save Our world:
Thank you madam toast master.
Fellow Toast Masters and welcome guests.
Tonight I call upon all of you as aspiring leaders of our generation to
help save our world.
What a wonderful opportunity as mature responsible adults of our time to
take up the reigns of the wild horse of life and ride it on to Shangri-La.

Each one of you has a special skills which we need to save our world,
combined with the fact that you becoming great communicators. If we work
together we can help save our world for our children, and all other voiceless
ones. I am sorry for all of you but complacency will not do. If we do not act
now it will be too late.
Humanity as the dominant species and the biggest consumers of energy is
the most powerful life force on this planet; however humanity chose a long time
ago to live abstract disconnected lives – from the natural wisdom of nature and
the universe.

This has resulted in the destruction of many, natural life giving
systems, that sustain our lives; bringing our species and many others to the
precipice of extinction. We stand at the moment of truth in the modern history
of mankind.
And we are the people who get to choose: Extinction or life? To jump, or to turn around - finding our way back to a natural healthy way of life and create a new Shangri-La for our children?

Many say that it is too late to save our world: To them I say it is only
too late when all life is not viable on this planet anymore; which will come
soon enough if we do not decide to change now.
Then there are religious believers who have been conditioned to believe
that god will save them. This is our home. The atmosphere is the womb of mother earth that gives
us life. Surely we must choose to live in harmony with our mother.
And learn what is wrong with our life styles and teach others to change
their way of life?

Gandhi said: “be the change you want to see in the world” and I agree we
must start with ourselves. We must
change our ways of thinking and behaving and thus change our world.
However, because of the centralization of power it has become imperative
that we hold our government’s war machines corporations, to the same values and
beliefs we hold ourselves to; because they are marauding on at an accelerated
rate, killing our planet, creating unnatural imbalance and systems that are
just making us more sick and unhealthy.

I think of agribusiness, out of control with its plowing, fertilizers,
herbicides and pesticides; washing away our life giving topsoil and poisoning
and killing many forms of life on the land our rivers and oceans. We need to
hold them in check, or change their directions. Wall Street greed is out of
control and is driving us all into poverty and devastating nature in the
process. Today there are marches to “Occupy Wall Street” to stop the
devastation. We must join them.
The problem with protests and revolutions is that when the dust settles
seldom do the people have an idea of what is the best path to take, so the same
old institutions and rulers take over and we begin the rollercoaster ride
We need to have a plan and an idea of what needs to change and that is what
I have been teaching in previous speeches and will be published in my books.

To change the direction of our life force to recreate the balances of
nature and life that has been upset. We need to spread out on the land and learn once again to live in
harmony with our family in small communities. Grow our own food. Let the rivers flow and learn to live once again in harmony with nature. And most importantly teach our children how to live in
harmony with nature, for they are our future. Our education system must focus on education on living in harmony with nature.

The first thing we have to do is to imagine the world we want to live
in. For me it is an attainable utopia a Shangri-La, just like the place I grew up in.
Some say that it is not possible to live in a utopia, I say let’s at
least try to attain it. And I know from personal experience it is possible. It
was the world I was born into in Africa.

This reminds me of a great man and his wife. He died while trying to
teach what I venture to teach. He like many people who have ventured to try and
bring common sense to our world paid the ultimate price. In his words:
Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world
You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

My fellow toast masters and guests I call upon you to consider your
future and the futures of our children and all of nature, to change your way of
life, and force the powerful economic forces of our country to change
direction. By joining me and others on the same path to help save our world,
and lead the miss guided horse of humanity to Shangri-La.


Monday, September 22, 2008



Sunday, September 21, 2008


Why Should We Pay For Their Greed?

There is no reasonable justification for George Bush Stealing even more tax payers' money and giving it to the rich. Our money should be controlled by us-through transparent government agencies. Not by private companies whose interest is in short term profits - they have shown us their disregard for the people of the world and nature - and show no responsibility for our future.

If the Stock Exchanges (Gambling Houses) go under so be it. They were designed to fail. The empty money bag is because of uncontrolled profit taking-too little in and too much out. The rich have been making record profits-for example the oil companies-and the system cannot supply to meet the demands of the profiteers. Stock Exchanges are the hole in the money bag of the people and the planet. They are designed to make the rich richer and the poor more poor.

Stock exchanges are fundamentally a means of making wealth "liquid"-or shall I say gaseous or even digital-so that wealth can be moved at a click of a button. But real wealth is in the land the people and nature. This liquidity suits only the rich gamblers not the poor who pay the bills.

If we had a government that cared about the people and not about the super rich, they would nationalize the private companies and remove them from the stock exchanges. In so doing, make our money controllable and secure, not "liquid," and safe from the thieves. Then they would use the money to empower the people.

Nationalized insurance will mean more money for "natural disasters," car accidents and medical insurance… funded by the people for the people. None of that money will go into the pockets of the gamblers and corporations. Admittedly there would be administrative costs but that is acceptable, as long as there is no profit taking on top of that.

The republican lie is that "free enterprise" is better than government control and that big business knows better and is more efficient than government. That corporate wealth will have a trickle down effect into an expanding growing economy. This is fundamentally untrue; the sole goal of big business is to make profits for the share holders. The principle is spending less and making more profits. So creating jobs is far from there minds, reducing manpower is high on there agendas. They use of technology to replace workers. Cheep labor is obtained through "out sourcing". Out sourcing is their way of avoiding labor unions and governmental controls of their unscrupulous behavior.

They are not concerned about the damage they do to the people of the world-who they are robbing blind and are: losing their homes, their jobs, and have no health care-and those with no basic human rites to land and water, and are starving around the world.

The system has no compassion, no responsibility to the people and nature. We need to take back our lives, our planet, and force the rich to put back into the system. We all live together in this world and depend on one another and on sustainable eco systems-or should I say economic systems.

It all begins with responsible human behavior towards one another and nature and decentralization. We need to take what we need and no more. Giving back what we don't need.

Greed is killing us and the planet. We the people of America and the world say "NO MORE!" to George Bush and the corporations and the government.

Use the money to help the people on the ground not the dying corporations, their time has come. Use the money to create sustainable energy systems, empower individuals and not the rich. Give us back our basic human rites and protect our planet from greed.