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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Some Backstory and a Theory or Two

Contrary to popular religious belief we are in essence not created by a god nor are we absolute states of being, things or objects.

We are, for want of better words, energy/motion/radiation/waves/spirals and more specifically, vibrations of space, composed of the essence of space. Not different from but amalgamations of the energies of space. ‘Spiritual’ is an ethereal term used with those of us with a non scientific background.We are nothing but motion spiraling through space.

The paradox being, that although we are expressions of extremely fast motion, we are perceived to be relatively slow moving and changing, because of our energy’s relatively localized positions in space.

We are physical expressions of ‘spiritual’ (Life’s energy) beings. Our life energy combined with the energies of this more physical reality. When we sleep and dream or experience NDE’s Near Death Experiences or Astral travel or experience telepathic connections, or premonitions or a knowing, this is where we interface with this non-physical component of our being and the universe.

I think that how humans and other beings came into existence in this reality was a matter of process, as is all of reality. The desire to be here and the focusing of ones energy directs ones energy to being expressed in this reality. So I think that humans, as with all other beings, were firstly expressed as non-physical energies(Ghosts/Spirits/Lifes Energies) and slowly they assimilated this reality and became more and more physical expressions of this reality with its limitations. These energies slowly developed a lineage of beings which became the portals for entry into this world.

Environment -“You are what you eat”. Your behavior is the expression of what you think. You are expressions of all that you assimilate. Heredity- You are what your parents passed on to you. This is where Darwinian Theory ends with survival of the fittest. You are an essential being, ‘a spirit’, the radiation of energy from the sun and the stars, as is all physical existence.

You Judaic-root religious people have the wrong idea your philosophy is based on a snapshot perception of existence and thus you loose the true nature of reality and of physical beings. As a result you live out of harmony with nature. You do not live this life for this life but for a life hereafter. I say you should live for the here and now and in the afterlife for then.

I have reoccurring dreams, one, that I met with two wise men in a transparent room in space throw which I could see Earth below us. Telepathically we communicated. They said that earth was in trouble. I said, “I can do that”, over and over again. First implying that I can help and then continuing to convince myself as I floated out of the room and headed for Earth. Next I found myself entering a tunnel then a transparent dome on which I had to focus my energy with great intensity to penetrate. Slowly I molded with and passed through the balloon like substance taking on the form of a human being. Slowly I traveled the wondrous journey of discovery of the new physical world I now lived in, all the time directing my energy where I willed it to go. It then occurred to me, “I am a living human being. What an honor.”

Now all I have to do is stay focused, be true to myself and my word and travel the journey I promised to travel.

I found that during my first 30years had been distracted with life, religions, education, money, feeding my family, etc. I then began a quest to discover the truth about reality. I studied science, physics, religions, meditation, dreams everything I could get my hands on, and started writing my book. I soon realized that those thirty years of distractions were not wasted but essential life lessons that I needed to be able to write this book. I eventually reached a stage when I had to set the book aside and travel. I have settled down to write again better equipped and wiser, and with the new found realization that this is not about me but the greater good of nature and humanity and the essential spirit of this region of space. It is now time to speak out and hopefully I will be heard before my physical journey ends and am able to say I did contribute as do so many others.

Yesterday I watched a video called “Dimming the Sun” in which the sun’s radiation is being blocked by pollution in the atmosphere which is counter balancing “Global Warming” and the green house effect. The idea is that we need to reduce the pollution for health reasons and for plant life to survive as plants require solar radiation for photosynthesis and we live off the plant life so we need the Sun’s radiation for our survival, as beings on this planet. The double whammy being that as we reduce the pollution and the global warming is fully experienced the planet will heat up, the ice caps will melt and the oceans will rise thus reducing the landmasses and climatic changes will have devastating effects, one of which will be the drying out of the Amazon jungle which would be prone to fire which would only exacerbate the problem.

Without diminishing the importance of us taking responsibility and changing our behavior to save our planet of which we are expressions, this ‘changing of state’ brought me back to the change of state of being. When we ‘die’ our heat energy radiates out of our bodies and all that is left is a disintegrating physical expression of our formerly controlled energies and we are once again our free life energies and not a physical expression of it. The same is true of the heat energy of the trees when that energy radiates back out into space and they do not physically exist anymore.

“Everything is made of energy” – Einstein. The universe is teaming with the energy we call life energy. We are not alone. We are expressions of the Sun and the stars, the relationships are very apparent in Astrology and Chinese star signs. The relationship between personality and the time and place of ones birth is due to the coincidence of radiant energies of space in our cyclical planetary system.

There is life on all the planets and all around them and the Sun and the stars are full of life, just not life as we know it. Our religious narrow mindedness and our physical perception of our world segregates us from clear perception of the true nature of reality. Only in a state of non physical expression or *altered states of consciousness’ can we see and be one with these non physical forms of life. With an open mind and a trained eye one can be reunited with the true nature of reality and the realization that we need to live in harmony with one another. We need to maintain the balance of nature on which we depend for this state of expression. This is not only our home, it is what we are.

So, religions must stop teaching segregation, hatred for power and greed they are destroying our world and the futures of our children. Stop teaching forgiveness for ones sins, teach responsible behavior. I am here to help, listen, learn and I will try and teach all I know and you and I will change our world.

*When I refer to altered states of consciousness I am not referring to stimulants or depressants or drugs and alcohol induced states. I honestly think that the greatest state of being is to be in harmony with nature and in the balance of clean healthy life. The states I refer to are achieved through breathing, meditation, sleep and all related states.

Depression is becoming progressively more prevalent due to the destruction of our natural balances. Less sunlight has the same effect as staying in a dark room, one gets depressed. The solutions do not lie in a pill or a religion, they are in our heads and hearts. What are you doing to change?

I will be attempting to post quite regularly, daily even, as the events in the world right now cannot go unanswered by any of us who care about life itself. The people in power must be stopped and we must take whatever tools we may have individually and begin building the world we want to inhabit. For now my greatest tool is my words.