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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Burning Passports and Birth Certificates is Just the Beginning

Power is the accumulation of energy. Money, human endeavor, land, food, water, radiation - solar or universal, cyclical or wave; accumulated energy is power. Power accumulated to the absolute extreme, due to an absolutist way of thinking has its advantages and disadvantages.
While absolute power can result in major achievements like landing on the moon, the motivation for most achievements is not for the greater good but merely for the accumulation of more and more power, and inevitably at the expense of the people and the environment.

Capitalism, the means of accumulating this supreme power has resulted in the disintegration of our world into commodities, with prices attached, and destroying the connectivity of our world. Plots of land and fences prevent the natural ebb and flow of life, the migration of animals and humans on the planet. Barriers – walls and fences, passports, visas, birth certificates, baptism certificates, green cards, trade marks, copy rights, intellectual property rights and market entrance barriers in all their shapes and forms uphold the minority absolutist power base and keep the majority of humans and animals landless, waterless, without food, without education and in abject poverty for the benefit of the few, all the while robbing and murdering people around the world for their markets, minerals, land, and resources, destroying whatever they cannot have or control. This is Imperialistic Capitalism where one nation overthrows other nations, subjugates their populations and turns everything into commodities for the exclusive use of the few imperialists. The A-grade fruit and vegetables go to the “first world” countries and the lower grades go to the countries that produce them. Poor people; the majority of the people are subjugated through imperial capitalism and find themselves unable to afford to visit Game parks or go on holiday to see their own country.

This world and its experience is one of individual uniqueness and connectivity and we need a system that is in harmony with the true nature of reality, never allowing unchecked accumulation of power and wealth but encouraging creativity and small group empowerment. A giving community where any excess is given to those in need as one day you might be that one who is in need.

‘We the people’ who are not the extremely empowered sell our hours, our bodies and souls to the rich for a pittance and are never able to express our individual creativity because we are enslaved to the system that continuously bleeds us more and more no matter how hard we work without relief.
I am, as are most people I know, unhappy and depressed. I travel, always running in search of a better life and all I find is this destructive capitalistic-commodity-dependant system that has no soul, no connectivity turning people against one another, spurning prejudice, irrational fear and hatred in its divide and rule policies.

This is not how life should be. There is an alternative; it lies not in absolute extremes of anarchy and total communism but in the loving compassionate respectful bed of Individual Connectivity. A realm that appreciates shades of grey, individual uniqueness, creativity and the connectivity with every process in the universe.
We are one, fellow travelers on a journey of life. We are honored to be in one another’s presence on this planet; to be in such close proximity as to cross paths and have the effect of lighting up our days and nights. Destroy all life and a barren world is not worth living on.
Imagine the sheer expanse of the universe and the coincidence, the likelihood of us being present at this place in the universe that we might meet and be companions. Should our lives not be about living for ourselves and others, neither being more or less important?

For this to be the case there is no place for absolutism and capitalism and indoctrinating education systems. All men and woman are equal and yet unique. All of nature is equal to man and yet unique. These ideas need to be more than just rhetoric. Respect and honor the blade of grass, it is a fellow traveler.

The redistribution of wealth is a requirement for the world to change, give what you have in excess to those who most need it and empower them with your knowledge. Learn from others. Remove the walls, fences and laws and allow for the natural ebb and flow of nature and humanity. Teach tolerance and love and show people how to organic subsistence farm and survive off the land. Encourage the decentralization from the cities, get back to the land. Teach independence and dependence and the balance between the two.


Blogger pussycat said...

Traveling as a child around the world with my parents I looked at my passport as something special, something I had that few did and that gave me special access to other worlds. I would cherish each new stamp and leaf through the pages with a sense of privilage. Well, the problem is is that I had it right. Passports are a gift of privilage and that is what is so horribly wrong about them. The arbitrary lines created by world leaders and coporate interests have ended more lives of the 'have nots' than it is easy to readily fathom. I, like others I'm sure dream of a world without borders and check points but the problem seems so unsolvable at this point. To get two people to agree on a point of change is hard, to change such an entrenched concept of humanity as property ownership seems like utopian fiction. What are your ideas for the change you obviously see as needed. Burning passports takes organization of many otherwise I just have to miss my trip to Italy next month. Or buy another expensive passport for the privilage to visit a place I want to see with my own eyes.

11:15 AM  
Blogger Denis Moore said...

I did not say change is easy or fast for that matter.

If you truly have compassion for others and realize the unjust inequalities of the Imperialist system you would not use the system as it is and find ways to encourage all the people you know to do the same. This would bring the system to its knees unless it changed.

You could write a letter/email to all your friends/contacts explaining what you are doing and get them to write to all of their friends. In a matter of a short period of time the system will grind to a hault and change.


11:45 AM  
Blogger pussycat said...

I know about 10 people. I do not see how your advice of basicly chainmailing as a viable solution. I feel grassroots is the only way we can make change in the world as it is today. I have been thinking that there are many groups already organized like the socialist workers party, people engaging in anarchitect actions, human rights organizations and obviously many more that may not share all the same exact agendas persay but if they could all come under one umbrella of action against the powers that be it seems the sheer numbers alone can start to be a force instead of a handicap. I feel the problem of so many is a feeling of isolation in America. Many, I'm sure feel like me and look around and watch the news and read the papers and just look on in awe that everyone is going about their lives as if all is fine. We as humans must find ways of connecting outside of the corporate owned and manipulated channels of discourse currently in place. THe internet is obviously one way. At least until they control it.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear your really cute...

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust in yourself and others will trust in you.

12:49 PM  
Blogger Denis Moore said...

Thank you Alex, I will

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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