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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Give Back Our Energy

Many Chagossians “died of sadness” or committed suicide having lost their island paradise and their family homes. Forcibly removed from their islands they are left to fend for themselves in poverty and squalor in derelict buildings on Mauritius. Their experience is the epitome of the sick world we live in. In 1971 almost two thousand Ilois(chagossian) islanders were unlawfully removed, by the British government. They were just a problem that needed to go away, nothing but devalued, de energized and disempowered human life. Their islands had supported them for generations rich with natural resources food and water.

British subjects, they were indirectly spiritually and emotionally decimated murdered by the British government, and the Crown, who overturned the Supreme Court decision to return them to the island.

The islands were and still continue to be leased to the American government, with its military’s wish for depopulated islands, to be used as a spring board to “control strategic interests in the Middle-East” during the Cold War.

Today they are using the islands to murder Arabs for their oil, to expand markets for multinational corporations and for military expansion. Civilians, women and children get killed, maimed, slaughtered by the American government, its allies and private “security” forces.
Survivors live in sorry pain and suffering some choosing to strap bombs to them-selves and die for their cause instead of living in sadness, and in the hope of a better afterlife. Helpless against the mighty technological tyranny of the US military machine, they give their lives for the greater good. They are not terrorists, just disempowered people trying to have some effect against the murderers of their people and the thieves of their lands, natural resourses and their livelihoods.

Cubans in Cuba live in deprived sadness, cut off from the energy of the world by American sanctions.

Zimbabweans now live in poverty caused to a greater extent by Western sanctions, its people are suffering and starving “dying of sadness” and depression.

Historically these darker skinned people lived in harmony with their land.
The Judaic root/Western formula for oppression is to send out missionaries to change the way people think. Then to take their land by military force in which the people suffer the greatest losses. Next the murderers put a government in power that represents their fascist interests. Then they promise their own people a better life and cheap land to start a new life, and sell them the land they have just stolen. The next step is to monopolize the land over time and now not only do you have a “black” poor class but the white colonists soon join them in poverty.

In these indigenous peoples attempts to gain back their land, their basic human rights their pride and dignity, they are treated as criminals. The remaining white farmers that refuse to share their land and knowledge with the ‘black’ people die. I propose that the problem lies with the rich corporations and their puppet governments.

Indigenous people are then forced economically with sanctions to accept so called “democracy”; the corporate lie. The worlds negative perception of these people is promoted through the ‘propaganda’ media which is used to justify the sanctions and tyrannous behavior of the West. It is shameful and easy to blame the poor and the voiceless.

Your energy, in tax dollars, was used and continues to be used to perpetrate these crimes against humanity.

‘Collateral damage’, the islander’s lives, the lives of common people all over the world, and the lives of your children are acceptable losses in the wars for energy and markets for the rich and powerful corporations and the military. The people pay with their blood, sweat and tears, while the rich and powerful live in comfort and luxury.

The rich and powerful are denuding the planet of its energy. They lie, cheat, rob, murder, plunder and give nothing back leaving the planet and its people deprived and depressed.
Our planet Earth is easily capable of supporting all life on it, with a decent quality of life, and yet most people live in depressed poverty, even the dwindling middle class, live in fear, sadness and depression, which engulf our planet. Antidepressants are big business for the pharmaceutical industry another remedy for the symptoms and not the cause.

The majority of people living in ‘abject poverty are doing so due to the desires for money, power an control by a few. Might is not right. “Its just business” is not acceptable. ‘Free enterprise’ is a lie. Poor people are taken advantage of and abused everyday so someone else is free to live in prosperity at their expense.

The rich and powerful have a choice to make, either they think about what they are doing and change or the people will force them to change. History is repeating itself, as in the Russian and French revolutions and yet they do not learn. The extreme single minded accumulation of wealth at the expense of the masses results in revolution and death to the rich. Redistribution of wealth will happen with or without their heads so hopefully we can become a caring, sharing and giving culture before it is too late.

It is time. We the people of our world, say no more to this wave of greed that is destroying our planet, our home and us.

We have the power to make the ‘Powerful’ change.

We are their power.

If they don’t have us they don’t have anything.

I do not advocate violence in any way, the great teacher Mahatma Gandhi taught passive resistance and I think we must do the same until the people and the planet are re-empowered.
Even better, we must redirect our energies by changing everyday behaviors to empower the poor and not the rich.

We are the energy of the universe, the planet, the plants and the animals.

We are allowing the energy of life to be stolen and sucked out of us one by one each time we fail to say no.

We are equally responsible because we support these institutions. We must hold the rich and powerful accountable for their actions.

We need to reunited with nature and find ourselves and love and happiness.

We must take back our right to the energy that we embody.

Stop the wars.

Stop the killing.

Use the money allocated to the war machines to build a healthy happy life for all on earth.

Give Diego Garcia back to the Chagossians and let their wounds heal.
Let the planet heal and let’s learn to live in harmony with one another and with nature.

To Do List:
How to take away their power;
Think and change.
Demand more from your employers.
Don’t support their institutions;
Don’t buy brand names.
Support individuals and small groups;
Live naturally;
Direct your energy to the future you want;
Get off the couch and do something;
Support socially orientated groups;
Hold your president and political system accountable;
Stop the madness;
Remember there are more of us than there are of them;
Don’t listen to their lies and propaganda;
Above all don’t let them make you “die of sadness”.
Fight for your and others basic human rights, the right to live, the right to land, a home, food, water and knowledge.
Stop the wars.
Make these governments and corporations give back a decent quality of life to all people on this planet.

Make those in power accountable for all their actions.

Honor and respect all life on this planet for they are your fellow travelers.
Your journey together can be a wonderful one if you choose to make it so.
Stick together, don’t let the rich and powerful turn us against one another.Talk


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