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Sunday, September 10, 2006



George W. Bush is the leader of the most powerful and destructive global terrorist organization the world has ever seen. G.W. Bush, Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld and the US government are the ‘terrorist president’ and ‘government of death’ respectively. Rulers of a fear filled world. Power mongers the likes of which the world has never seen. In G.W.’s address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American public on Sept. 7, he again attempts to justify past war crimes and gain even more power to perpetrate more crimes against humanity.

This administration terrorizes the people of the world keeping them in fear and poverty. A law unto themselves, they will not subscribe to the Geneva Convention or the International Court. They believe they have the ‘god given right’ to imprison their enemies without charging them with a crime, appointing them a lawyer or giving them any rights at all. They continue to torture them in secret, and would prefer their military tribunals to try people so as not to be restricted by the humane laws of their own country.

The unfortunate souls who dare to oppose what Gore Vidal names the Bush-Cheney Junta, who dare not accept their unquestioned ‘rule’ but instead take action against America’s ‘war crimes’ around the world, are perceived by indoctrinated Americans to be the terrorists. The majority of Americans are told, and many believe, that these people are terrorists and couldn’t possibly be victims fighting back. “The War on Terror”, properly defined, should be a U.S. war against itself. As an American citizen, if you were made victim to preemptive strikes and invaded by a foreign power, would you not attempt to fight back? Lest you forget Papa Bush’s ill-fated Gulf War.

These mass murderers, your leaders, have no respect for people of the world including their own. The unfortunate ‘aliens’ or ‘foreigners’ are fair game for financial and military abuse. In his speech he clearly threatens the world yet again with the statement “You are either with us or you are with the terrorists”.

I suppose the rest of the people of the world are potential terrorists as they do not believe in American’s dreams. Or maybe they are the ‘unclean’, not the chosen ones, the soulless masses of ‘animals’, that are dispensable. And we are only too aware that the loss of life of our poor and underprivileged, the bulk of our military, can easily be chalked up to a necessary price to pay to secure money and power for the ‘almighty’ corporations and the godly rich.

Listening to his speech it is so easy to be sucked in and very difficult to see what he is doing. The misleading language, the Orwellian double-speak, this administrations uses so regularly in the media makes it very difficult to know what the truth is and what is a lie.

Against his own people Bush uses a spineless mass media, controlled sympathetic live audiences, a complete distortion of events, propaganda and the last bastion of the scoundrel, patriotism to plow forward with this illegal war. The American people’s perception of what is happening is completely skewed as a result of this psychological manipulation. Hype and repetition of events in the media is a very effective means to instill fear in the people. And the call for patriotism and compassion for the injured, are all good ways to get the support of the people for whatever crime you wish to commit.

The tools used for the success of their agendas are so vast it is impossible to list them all. We know the obvious penchant for lying, bribery, corruption, electoral fraud, biased Supreme Court Justices, governmental policies that increase their policing and military power i.e. the ‘Patriot Act’, to name but a few. America has the largest military budget of any country in the world and most of them combined. They also have the largest prison population of any country, mainly filled with blacks who would vote against them. Their tax policies are daylight robbery of the people’s money. Their economic policy manipulation is designed to make the rich richer and the poor destitute and subordinate. They represent and are in the pockets of the rich and the multinationals and the oil companies. They have shred to pieces citizen’s civil liberties. They say you are free then they take away your freedom, tap your phone calls and download your computer files. You are imprisoned in their system of power and control. Where do they stop? World domination.

In his speech Bush is calling the American people and the world to more wars. He is giving more power to the “intelligence agencies”, CIA and the FBI. He is strengthening the department of homeland security by creating another cabinet level position for Tom Ridge. He wants to “use every tool of intelligence, every instrument of law enforcement”, basically just continue to torture suspects without trial in secret locations and prison facilities and try these people in military tribunals to decide their fate. We are supposed to be grateful that he finally admitted the existence of these secret international prisons. What is your president asking you to be part of? More wars, more murder and torture.

This behavior is reminiscent of extreme Nazi Germany and the National Party of Apartheid South Africa. I lived under right wing, power crazed, religious behavior during aparthied as a child and did not know enough to speak out against it. I cannot hold my tongue this time.

The tragedy of 9/11, which was conveniently allowed to happen so as to be an excuse for the Bush-Cheney war, and is still no excuse for the wholesale slaughter of men, women and children in sovereign countries around the world, is being made a mockery of by this administration. This administration abdicated responsibly to protect the American people when it failed to give the order to the Air Force jets to intercept the hijacked planes until the second tower had been hit. They have no right to parley the lives lost in that attack into justification for wars, murder and torture. It is obscene. Murdering civilians, preemptive strikes, military occupations, wars, and supporting warring factions are not actions this government should so easily be able to talk its people into. Who are these people you trust with your lives? What is the true agenda of this government who continues to maraud the world over causing people to despise and to attack you?

Bush speaks as if the 9/11 attacks have just happened and thus are still reasonable justification for more military and law enforcement agencies crimes against humanity. This is a blatant attempt to drum up support for future murders and torture, and the removal of more freedoms. And give more power to the police and military which they control. All the while the actual goal is ultimate control of the Middle East.

Let me remind you, these ‘terrorists’ are human beings not unlike you and I, who one could argue have had enough of being blasted into oblivion by the U.S. and it’s client state, Israel. Would you like it if you were subjected to what the US has been doing around the world and would you want to be at the end of what Bush is proposing? Think about it. The rules the US plays by are the standards to which the world will hold you to. Bush and his family will never find himself and his cohorts in a torture chamber or being tried by a foreign military tribunal. He has made sure that he is not accountable to the world for his war crimes.

Why is the US government doing this you may ask? Why else, but for ABSOLUTE POWER. They are acquiring this through being the most powerful, technologically advanced, unmatched military force on the planet, through uncontrolled capitalism, and inciting christian fervor.

How can they do this and get away with this, you may ask? They do this ONLY WITH YOUR SUPPORT.
How do we stop them? Easy, stop supporting them.

Remember, the people of the world are your fellow travelers on this journey of life and don’t let the powers that be turn you against one another, united we must live together in harmony.

Listening to commentary about the presidents’ speech on NPR I could not believe the ‘language’ being used. It has all become so distorted as to encompass all the lies and perverted agendas of the corrupt republicans and democrats. The critiques do not question the inherent flaws in ‘the machine’. This reminds me that one cannot argue about the bible using the language and ideas within the bible. One needs to be objective and stand back and see it for what it is. A hierarchical, power based, contradictory belief system that uses the illusion of kindness and morals to justify its rampant march for supreme power.

The president’s speech is a distortion of reality, “freedom at war with fear” implies that the people who oppose the US are responsible for the loss of freedom and the increase of fear. In fact, it is the current regime that is responsible for this manufactured fear and taking away of the freedoms of US citizens and those of other people of the world.

Changing the perspective of the people to accept the point of view of the ruler is an art form. Good, kind people believed Hitler and normal working folks fell for the lies of the South African Apartheid government because they didn’t stand back, without fear, to be objective. They unwittingly spoke the language of their oppressors.

We the people of the world who do not believe the lies and spin, who are capable of objective thought and know that we are being taken for a ride, are the governments potential ‘terrorists’. Just people who will not agree with mass murder, torture, foreign occupation, imprisonment without trial, armed robbery of land, oil, minerals, markets and wealth of the people of the world for the benefit of the few rich and powerful.
Might is not right. In this case the US government is the ‘evil’ it blames others of being.
Throughout Bush’s speech he repeatedly points fingers at others and lays down ultimatums. Do yourself a favor, change the point of view, put yourself in the shoes of the people who have had their lives destroyed by the capitalistic imperialistic acts of America, and you will understand what I mean.

There will be no end to this supposed ‘War on Terror’ because as long as there are poor and relatively defenseless people in a position of powerlessness the rulers who have the power will maintain that power. They will turn the people against one another to control them and take from them what they want. First it is the countries with oil reserves and markets then it will be countries with some other economic asset that the rich require to fill their coffers and so on. Where will it end? It will not ever truly end unless you take away their power and change the way they think. They will control every blade of grass if you give them a chance.

One day it will be your turn to face this mighty sword of ‘evil’ absolutism and religion. Now is the time to stand together as brothers and sisters, fellow travelers on this journey of life and say, NO MORE. Stop this madman, impeach him and his government, make them accountable for their actions. Don’t destroy your way to the future as they are doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and so many other places around the world. Change is our way to the future.

This planet is our home, on which we all need to live in harmony, maintaining the necessary balances for life and nature. Thugs and bullies have no place in our world. Life is for all of us, not just for the rich.

Bush wants you to, “live your lives, and hug your children.” To “be calm”, be patient while he upsets your lives and invades your rights to privacy with his military regime. Most importantly he wants you to “uphold the values of America” and keep on shopping. What he is asking you to do is to sit by idly and supply him with the money to destroy your lives and your planet. It is so easy to just ignore what is going on and live your life - go with the flow for the short term illusion of comfort and security. But if you allow this to happen you and your children and the planets children will ultimately pay dearly. Previously when you stood by, they stole control of your government in two sucsesive elections and they have been destroying the world as they please ever since.

You have no choice but to stand up for people like yourself and nature and take back your power of self determination. Support the small man and don’t spend anymore money than you have to. Simplify your lives. I live on mainly rice, fruit and veggies, only take what you need and no more. Use as little energy as possible.

We on the ‘near left’ of the political spectrum represent shades of grey, mutual respect for all of nature and humane treatment of others. Living in LOVE and harmony and maintaining the critical balances necessary to sustain life on this planet, for us, our children, humanity and nature. There is no greater way to live your life, than in the service of others. So many say they are will to do just that for a ‘god’ why not for your fellow traveler?

We the people are STRONG, stronger that any political party and we will not allow the destruction of our planet by the war mongers. With our courage, conviction and action we will over come this neo-con rot that has set in.

We stand for non violence, kindness, compassion, consideration and love to the world and its peoples.
We demand the end to war, murder and torture.
We demand an equitable return of the balance of power.
We demand economic reforms.
We demand the removal of walls and fences and all forms of market entrance barriers. We demand basic human rights for all, and immediate attention to the ecology of our home planet.
We demand the Junta be impeached.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok i see what you saying i hear you.... in what contry do you stay.... america right.... (i did some checking) are from an african contry right, rhodisia.... now zimbabwe, if im not mistaken.... so what did you go to america for??? so you support a system that kills ppl starts wars and you have the audasity to try to discredit that system. A system you are a part of in some way and perpetuate.... this medium the internet was created by americans.... its called freedom of speach its a constitutional right to american ppl and also in alot of contrys around the world.... and i bielieve that you lived in south africa for some time married and have kids. and the list goes on all within the system....all the infomation is there you just have to kno where to look and how to find it..... It makes our society work. I think you havent thought out this system of yours.... I think you are foolish to asume it doesnt work... You just never did well in this type of system..... The system works for alot of people and by no means is it a perfect system.... but it works thats why we are the most powerful race on the planet.....

3:09 PM  
Blogger Denis Moore said...

Firstly I would like to thank you anonymous for your passionate and thought provoking response.

Just for the record, I was born in 1958, in the African country called Northern Rhodesia when it was under colonial rule. In 1964 N. R. gained its independence, we left, and it has been called Zambia ever since. This is a different country to the Southern Rhodesia which became Zimbabwe to which you refer, under the rule of Robert Mugabe. In which I never lived. Now it is very important to get ones facts straight when one does ones research and most importantly before one judges even if one is using the Socratic Method. Mistakes built on mistakes can only lead to incorrect assumptions and conclusions.

Secondly I am a Marine Engineer and a Captain, I earn my living on boats and that is why I travel the world and the reason I came here in the first place, I am now married to, and in love with, my wife who is an American. Of our time spent together, most of it we spent in South Africa. It was her choice to return to live here where her family is, that is why I live here now.

I understand your defense of freedom of speech without which I would not be able to tell you my thoughts. Although I do not agree with you that this country has true freedom of speech. With the bulk of mass media controlled by the few, for example Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and content of that media being so biased towards the rich and powerful the truth is seldom told and usually selectively told to promote the interests of the 1 – 2 % who own the vast wealth of your country and our world. This freedom of speech you allude to is not free at all, do you think that Fox News would allow me to have my own program and speak freely about my ideas. No, of course they would not.
Americans are free to listen to propaganda and not to be heard if they have ‘un patriotic opinions’. Some examples of your free speech are when, Protestor are cordoned off not to be seen or heard while Bush conducts speeches before biased gatherings.
If one could measure the balance between dishonest and honest reporting, lies and propaganda out weigh the very little truly balanced honest media reporting that there is. This is the clear indication of lack of free speech you say you have.
Bearing this in mind, on the Zimbabwe point, the reaction of Robert Mugabe to Western Media’s ‘freedom of speech’ is understandable.

Why do you think his people vote him in with a clear majority every time? Because he is the only person who has had their interests at heart and has fought and continues to fight to get their land back from the British Imperialists, the colonists and the Multinational tobacco corporations. The people of Zimbabwe are entitled to basic human rights as are all humans, the right to land, water, food and knowledge etc. What is the good of a rich mans economy if the poor people have no part of it.

Now for some history, the missionaries tried to convert the people to the western way of thinking. Then the Crown fought and killed the natives for their land and sold it to the colonists and white farmers who became rich and the multinationals capitalized on the tobacco minerals and markets. This process turned the few blacks who could get jobs into a poorly paid dependant working class, and the rest of the people into a poor starving landless majority.
Mugabe said to Britain. Pay your people for the land you stole from us and sold to your people and give the land back to my people. Not an unreasonable request. The British government preferred to let the, farmers and the starving people of Zimbabwe, fight it out and then to impose sanctions to try to starve the people of Zimbabwe into submission, to force them to accept the ‘Democratic’ lie. Then, in the media, they blamed the Zimbabwean government for poor economic policies and corruption. When the greatest corruption was and still is the policies of the British government.

Now let’s consider the numbers of people that die for the betterment of others. Before I go on, I don’t want you to miss understand me, I am totally against murder. The number of people who died on the white side of the fight against the black people of Zimbabwe is no where near the number of innocent blacks who were murdered by whites.

Now let us consider the case of Sadam Hussaine and G. W. Bush. How many people did Sadam Kill, and how many did Bush and Chaney and their Neo Con government and their war machine have killed, in fact, how many innocent civilians all around the world have been murdered by this country. The American government Republican and Democrat and the multinationals with their war machine and unfair trade and banking practices have been murdering and robbing peoples and countries of the world for many years. All of this information is freely available if you are only just willing to look for it as well.

Let me clarify this for you, I do not agree with, nor do I support your murdering government. Yes I do live here. Yes I am a white child of our time, a son of a son of the original European and Irish colonists who came to Africa. And I have lived in the Western system and have benefited from it. I wish that I had been born into a world where someone could have told me the truth from the beginning. Up to the age of 34 I worked hard at getting an education and bringing up my family under extremely difficult circumstances, with no time to look around. I always knew that some thing was wrong but was not able to put my finger on it. Since then I have written a book about my quest for the truth and it is with this knowledge I am trying, at possibly great risk to myself, to help change the world into a better place.
Where I come from with the wealth and energy drained out of those regions, by this and other marauding countries, people were unable to make life altering choices as you are capable of doing in a rich country like yours, and you imply that you have done well. I ask you what you are doing to change the world for the future of your children and mine? I will remind you that, choice is a luxury only the Rich can afford. If you had wealth you would build your own sustainable solar powered car and house and not wait for the government you would change your behavior and help change our world.

If you think that your country is great because they are able to steal from and murder others so that you can capitalize on the spoils, then I feel really sorry for you.

If you really saw and heard what I was saying and you had one bone of compassion in your body you would agree with me and try to help me bring about change by talking to your friends and letting them read what I have written.

If you want to learn more from Americans, you should read,
Noam Chomsky he is a prolific author and an Academic,
Howard Zinn – ‘The Peoples History of the United States’ or ‘The Zinn Reader’
Nancy Snow – ‘Propaganda, Inc. selling America’s culture to the world’
Ziauddin Sardar & Merryl Wyn Davies – ‘Why Do People Hate America’.
If you like to watch a lot of TV - Watch Link TV
Listen to alternative left radio.
Read ‘The Nation’, ‘Mother Earth’ etc.
Believe it or not these are all American.
There are many humanitarian, socially conscious and compassionate internet blogs and web sights you could also read if you want more insights.
So you don’t need to pick on their nationality and maybe you will learn a thing or two, realize what is going on in the world around you, and understand why your children are being killed and they are killing in your name.

If I had the ability to stop the killing right now, I would. If I could change the world in an instant, I would, but I cannot. So I do what I can. With the little money I make here, I send some home to my children in Africa, I use what I need to live, and the rest I invest in changing our world into a better place for humanity and our children. I am also a vegetarian because I do not agree with killing other animals, and I am also trying to live a sustainable live.

Finally, I am not perfect, but I suspect neither are you and seeing that you judge, as most ‘good’, ‘patriotic’, ‘Christian Americans’ do, what do you sacrifice and give up for the good of others? Or don’t you give a dam?

I see you prefer to see what you want to see and close your eyes to what you don’t want to see, and just believe that your country is doing something right because it is the most powerful country in the world.
The biggest thug in the school yard in the biggest gang who beats up the weaker kids and steals their pocket money and tortures other kids and imprisons them in deserted buildings and kills them at will, might be very powerful and feared and hated by all. And the other gang members do well from the hierarchy but that power and support system is not acceptable.
Don’t miss understand me I am not a member of your gang just because I go to the same school. I live on the edge in fear of you and your friends in power I know what you are doing is wrong and I am speaking out for all the other abused kids.
Look at the money that America has been spent on the wars, the military and all the other places where money is miss appropriated from education and social programs and given to the rich corporations. Look at the tax cuts for the rich and look at how many homeless poor people there are in this country. Look at the increasing inflation and the decreasing wealth of the middle classes. This is a standard formula which has been working for the rich few for thousands of year. I watched an accelerated cycle of this happen in South Africa, and the Bush junta has just stepped on the accelerator. If you are not one of the extremely rich, your time is nigh when you will join the poor don’t delude yourself and think you are one of the luck ones. In a game of monopoly we play everyday, only one, the richest man wins. I hope for your sake it is you or maybe not because in the end of this cycle the richest man looses his head and the money is distributed evenly between the players and the game begins again.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha ok ok i hear you but honestly money and power is made by stepping on taking what they have and making it your own..... you look but you dont see.... lets see you change the world mister denis moore..... lets see what you can do.... you just like every other conspirisy theroist and you talk about a lie built on a lie.....there are your lies.... how can you be so ignorant as to bielieve that you a single man will change the world.....but you carry on and save the world.... ill live my life lets leave it at that..... unfortunately i see you are a dogmatic type of person and you will never even look at an alternative.... you look but you do not see...... think about it.....

5:44 PM  
Blogger Denis Moore said...

There are many ways of making money, and the distribution of power can be structured in many different ways and does not have to be an absolutist, hierarchical structure that stands on the necks and backs of other people. Neither does a system have to rob and murder others to sustain itself at their expense. In a society with a fair and equitable dispensation of power people work together for themselves and their society, not for the benefit of the powerful minority elite.
"You look but you don’t see...." you accused. No, it is because I do see that I feel it necessary to write what I do. More accurately, I feel that you read but don't seem to get it. You and many others unfortunately are only able to ‘see’ from within the existing system, you see what you have been trained to see and nothing beyond. You need to step outside the box, away from the ‘idiot box’ for one in order to allow yourself to think new thoughts, learn new ideas and change your ways.

"Never doubt that a few, thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

Yet you , like the mass media pundits (led by Fox News) and GOP neo-cons, have been reduced to name calling- terms like 'dogmatic type' and 'conspiracy theorist' do nothing to further dialogue or foster understanding. Contrary to that knee-jerk assessment of my goals, I am attempting to present alternatives to the obvious failure that is our current system of imperialist capitalism. Labels like 'conspiracy theorist' and 'dogmatic' are just meaningless republican rhetoric used to discredit anyone who dares to question them and their tenuous hold on power.

There is personal risk and cost in thinking outside the box and daring to challenge and question the status quo and then taking the next step of dealing with the responsibility and changing. But it is actually all of our responsibility as citizens of a 'so called democracy'. To write and publish ones ideas for change can put one in a very lonely place. One must expect criticism and name calling, unfortunately. But you are wrong to think that I am alone, even if often I feel like a lonely traveler moving along the outside of humanity, an observer who is trying in my own way to help and be a guide for others, I know I am not alone.
I have written a book and many essays which would give a lot more clarity to my point of view. I understand that from this small body of work one would not be in an ideal position to judge who I am and what I stand for.

I think that I represent change for the good of humanity and nature, and continuously reevaluate who I am and how society and I interact. My greatest fear is compromising myself and the people of the world and nature for my own selfish wants. No one is absolutely perfect and unaffected by the world they live in, we are the products of our environment and ultimately inseparable from it (We are what we assimilate absorb and learn.) Everything is shades of grey and it is only the ‘degree’ that we control.

Referring to freedom of speech in this country, you are incredibly naive to think that it exists to the extent that you do. Here is one example of not only violations to free speech but violations to the right to protest and assembly. On April 7, 2003 demonstrators at the Port of Oakland were dispersed by being shot at with "less-lethal munitions". Example 2: On Sept.2, 2004 thousands of protestors were arrested in New York City - Freedom of speech is a lie one would only like to believe still exists in this country.

The moment you have a following you are either killed, like Martin Luther King or Malcom X, or detained without trial as a threat to national security or many other sinister ways of silencing you.

Mumia Abu-Jamal a black journalist, poet, columnist and a revolutionary is currently being silenced buy your government. He has been on death row since 1982, falsely accused of killing a police officer, to silence him.

Leaders of the Black Panther party were arrested and others murdered to silence them.

In this country a person is free to be a subservient slave to the system and a silent consumer but one dare not stand up and speak out against the corrupt system that controls your every thought and action through media, forced poverty, racism and all manner of economic and segregation tools.

We must all wake out of our stupors before it is too late.

4:15 PM  

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