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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Why Should We Pay For Their Greed?

There is no reasonable justification for George Bush Stealing even more tax payers' money and giving it to the rich. Our money should be controlled by us-through transparent government agencies. Not by private companies whose interest is in short term profits - they have shown us their disregard for the people of the world and nature - and show no responsibility for our future.

If the Stock Exchanges (Gambling Houses) go under so be it. They were designed to fail. The empty money bag is because of uncontrolled profit taking-too little in and too much out. The rich have been making record profits-for example the oil companies-and the system cannot supply to meet the demands of the profiteers. Stock Exchanges are the hole in the money bag of the people and the planet. They are designed to make the rich richer and the poor more poor.

Stock exchanges are fundamentally a means of making wealth "liquid"-or shall I say gaseous or even digital-so that wealth can be moved at a click of a button. But real wealth is in the land the people and nature. This liquidity suits only the rich gamblers not the poor who pay the bills.

If we had a government that cared about the people and not about the super rich, they would nationalize the private companies and remove them from the stock exchanges. In so doing, make our money controllable and secure, not "liquid," and safe from the thieves. Then they would use the money to empower the people.

Nationalized insurance will mean more money for "natural disasters," car accidents and medical insurance… funded by the people for the people. None of that money will go into the pockets of the gamblers and corporations. Admittedly there would be administrative costs but that is acceptable, as long as there is no profit taking on top of that.

The republican lie is that "free enterprise" is better than government control and that big business knows better and is more efficient than government. That corporate wealth will have a trickle down effect into an expanding growing economy. This is fundamentally untrue; the sole goal of big business is to make profits for the share holders. The principle is spending less and making more profits. So creating jobs is far from there minds, reducing manpower is high on there agendas. They use of technology to replace workers. Cheep labor is obtained through "out sourcing". Out sourcing is their way of avoiding labor unions and governmental controls of their unscrupulous behavior.

They are not concerned about the damage they do to the people of the world-who they are robbing blind and are: losing their homes, their jobs, and have no health care-and those with no basic human rites to land and water, and are starving around the world.

The system has no compassion, no responsibility to the people and nature. We need to take back our lives, our planet, and force the rich to put back into the system. We all live together in this world and depend on one another and on sustainable eco systems-or should I say economic systems.

It all begins with responsible human behavior towards one another and nature and decentralization. We need to take what we need and no more. Giving back what we don't need.

Greed is killing us and the planet. We the people of America and the world say "NO MORE!" to George Bush and the corporations and the government.

Use the money to help the people on the ground not the dying corporations, their time has come. Use the money to create sustainable energy systems, empower individuals and not the rich. Give us back our basic human rites and protect our planet from greed.