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Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy wall street. What are we protesting for?

Most of the supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement do not fully understand the origins and magnitude of their struggles.

Most people are unaware of the magnitude of the financial/economic/political issue they are protesting. To most the financial system seems to have become a more and more unfair and unbalanced as they continue to play the game; and yet few of us understand why and have the perspective to see the big picture.
Most are stuck in the ideas and the language of the political/economic conversation; keeping them within the confines of the current paradigm thus perpetuating the system and preventing real change. People are so conditioned to think: “We need jobs, work, for money, to pay for our student loans, our debts…They do not realize that they, their parents, or their ancestors gave up their basic human rights for a system that was designed to rob them blind. They also do not realize that the game is just about over. The rich have almost everything and we the people have less and less. Neither do they realize the reasons why this system got out of control so fast

The basic systemic problems of this money and value based system cannot be resolved through extra rules and regulations. It is designed to be a short lived economic system that has historically risen and fallen at great pain and hardship to the greater majority and nature. Just think back to the French and Russian revolutions and further back to the rise and fall of empires including the Roman Empire. Throughout history wealth centralizing systems have failed, because nature cannot sustain them.

This time around it has been on steroids: Firstly because of fossil fuels; however those days are nearly over. Secondly the abstract reasoning and the separation of money then plastic and digits on a screen and abstract derivatives… all got further and further away from the natural energy systems of the only real natural economy. Eventually we have to return to reality and live within the natural sustainable energy systems of our world. Not on energy that was stored millions of years ago or on abstract money and jobs in centralized cities.

While we perpetuate this system the economic imbalances will be maintained. If people want real change they need to have perspective and know what the alternatives are.
When did survival change from our dependence on nature to our dependence on an abstract economic system? I cannot answer that because it has been a long process of manipulation and lies powered by short term profits and greed.
To me there are two dominant economic systems: One unnatural system that is supposed to represents the natural energy system, and the true energy system. The unnatural economic system is systematically destroying the natural system for profits and greed, at no matter what expense to our survival, our children’s futures and is driving us towards extinction as a species.

In the natural energy system where the sun/stars and all beings radiate energy outward and receive energy. The sun shines, the plants grow, we eat the plants and we grow - this is the sustainable natural giving and receiving system: which should be our societal economic system. And all other animals unconditionally accept and live in harmony with. The greatest honor among humans in a natural giving societies is to give to others, and to accept graciously; not to take at the expense of all others destroying for ego and short term profits, as is the case in the value based/monetary economy. Having a lot of money is not success it is failure and greed. Living in a natural economy you take only what you need, and add to the system buy cultivating and growing more life for a sustainable future. Living sustainably is success.
Then there is the abstract monetary system – which is based on – paper and ink, plastic cards or digits on a screen, representing the energy of nature. Cowry shells and beads gold and jewels, have been used for similar systems in the past… all of which were unsustainable, based on abstract thinking, all eventually failed. Forcing the people to decentralize and live off the land. Going back to the only natural energy system.

Our western capitalistic, monopolistic system is designed to systemically centralize power in the hands of a few and that means nothing left for nature and the rest of humanity. Everyone who has played monopoly knows only one man wins.
Natural systems are sustainable; unnatural economic systems are not. The sun continues to shine and plants continue to grow making nature sustainable, energy continuing to flow into the system. Money does not keep on growing on trees.
A monetary system has to limit the amount of money it prints so the money maintains a value, print too much and the money is worthless. Now apply the concepts of interest, profiteering and abstract trading in a gambling stock exchange. The currency becomes so detached from the natural energy it is supposed to represent in nature so as to be totally disconnected from it.
The printed money or digits on the screens become monopolized at an ever accelerating rate eventually all accept one of the people who play the game of monopoly are losers in the game. The losers have to borrow money to keep on playing; while getting deeper and deeper in debt. A looser cannot win this game no matter how hard he tries because the one with the advantage always wins.
The solution is to decentralize go back to living in small communities/extended families on the land. By decentralizing power back into the hands of the people on the land, let the rivers flow. Recreate independence from power based systems and dependence on nature and our immediate communities. This will create health, natural sustainable wealth in the ecosystem and happiness. Humans have lived in giving communities throughout history. If we wish to survive as a species we have no choice but to do this soon.
We are protesting for the wrong things we should not be asking for jobs and money we should be asking for our basic human rights to live off the land (Not to own the land – we cannot own our mother), and for our rivers to flow freely. So we can recreate the natural ecosystems that sustain and give us life. We must regenerate the natural ecosystem - the womb of mother earth – that gives and sustains all life. We must protect mother earth and create a wonderful future for our children and all of nature, living with love respect and appreciation in the natural balances of a giving society. .

The natural systems are natural life generating systems, if we let them be and stop trying to control them so much. Rabits left to breed become many and live on the land. Fowl and all sorts of animals left to roam the land will populate the planet. The shortages are because of our control and interference with nature. let nature be and it will acheive its own grow and balances. Human interference has destroyed natural ecosystems.
Centralization will starve us and destroying our planet and all life on it for greed. So a few will be rich and powerful and own it all at the expense of all of us and nature. If you care about yourself, your children and nature you should start building the bridges back to a natural non value based natural economy.

To start: Begin to learn to grow your own food; becoming less dependent on mega stores and destructive corporate agri-business. We should be asking for subsidies to establish small communities to live on and off the land. Self-employment is better than slavery. We have little time left to reestablish topsoil and all the natural ecosystems that sustain our lives.
We must stop the use of plows, industrial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and genetically engineered sead etc and recreate topsoil and the natural ecosystems that maintain the balances. Let all animals roam free on the land; only take what you need and work towards a sustainable natural system. Ownership should be outlawed. While someone is using something it is theirs to use and not coveted by another. We need to live in giving sharing communities.
A value based system is not a natural system. From the smallest vibrations of space to the most complex beings, everything is important to the natural system. Without any one vibration or thing the system would be less than it is.
So in a natural system everything is equally valued and important. Let us live in equality love, mutual respect and appreciation of all contributions to our wonderful world and stop the greed of this abstract value based monetary system and move back onto the land and live in small extended families and small groups and become one with nature the provider of life.

What good is a pocket full of money if the natural world is dead and destroyed? No one can survive on a dead planet. Every being is dependent on many other beings, in the balanced interconnected ecosystems, for life.