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Friday, October 28, 2011

All children are our children

Your children are my children. All children on this planet are our children. We are a family of fellow travelers on this journey of life. All babies are our babies from the tiniest shoots/sprouts of plants to plankton in the oceans - they are our babies; our future and our children’s futures and the future of the planet.

Instead of having more human children, let other forms of life be your babies, teach your children that other life forms are their brothers and sisters, raise them with love and connectivity. The perpetuation of the human species is important, however not more important than all the other species of life that give us life. Love of all of nature and life is fundamental to life. Love of nature in all its diversity is essential for the survival of all species including our own human species.

We have converted the life force on this planet to one dominant species. Yet we know specialization leads to extinction. Life force’s biodiversity is essential for the survival of life on this planet. Life is not just about us as a species it is about the living family of life – including all of nature.