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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Awareness and consciousness - It is raining today.

Tropical storm Celia I think. In a relaxed and meditative state after dinner I walked outside and stopped to just be in the moment and sense my environment. Standing outside restaurant Jalisco on US1, a highway, there was a fair amount of traffic and I listened to the sounds of the wheels of the cars as the swished along the wet road and the sounds of their engines and a squealing of a slipping fan belt, and the knocking sound of something loose on cars that needed some maintenance.

Standing in meditation my awareness of the cars faded away as I became aware that my body was not standing dead still but was steadily compensating to maintain my standing position and balance, at a subtle level I was wobbling or weaving with the general effect of standing relatively still.

My body awareness faded as my gaze went to a puddle of water in front of me. I watched as the rain drops made the water stand up like little vertical rods of water which fell back down into the water making waves that rapidly radiated out in perfect circles. As soon as the rod collapsed back into the water it made waves that were full of energy and pronounced, as they radiated away and the circles became bigger, the waves got smaller and faded away at a diameter of about 14inches.

Raindrops randomly falling, they made circles that radiated outwards through one another while still maintaining their circular shape. Although they did combine their energy in height as they crossed, their circular shape and outwards motion did not change, as they continued to dissipate.

I moved out into the light rain and again stood still, watching, being, and experiencing the moment with a sense of wellbeing and pleasure.

Then being drawn back to my responsibility to others as a teacher I began trying to be observant enough to focus on each aspect as it happened and to encode it into language to be able to write about the experience so others would have some inkling of what it is to become more conscious and aware of our environment. I could feel the raindrops on my head, neck and back then that faded as I began to focus on the puddles and raindrop rings.

Later in that same meditative calm state it suddenly became apparent to me. How similar we are to this. As energy beings we are constantly radiating energy outwards in all directions at once. Unlike water energy that radiates energy outwards, on the flat surface of the water. We radiate our energy outwards like an expanding ball of energy. In human or other beings energy waves of heat and light, some energy like heat energy does not seem to travel very far. Where other energy like light can travel relatively far before it is absorbed into the environment, or it radiates outwards so much it is not visible anymore.

If someone were to stand on top of a building and an observer with 20 – 20 vision moved further and further away until eventually the observer could not see the person on the building anymore. This would be like the edge of our observable radiated light energy.

This radiated energy distance is like the edge of our sphere of physical influence in our location in our world. As we exist or move our influence moves with us. This is so important to understand when thinking of our connectedness and interdependence and the importance of our place in ecosystems and the sharing of energy for our health welfare and survival. This makes you aware of the energy we receive from people around us in everyday life. It makes us aware of the importance of biodiversity in feeding our energy being. Of course this leads to many other ways of looking at our sphere of influence.

Looking at what you do, how focused you are and how much energy you manage to get focused by others to achieve that focused intent. Change the way people think and believe and how they see themselves in the world and you might just change the world forever. No matter what you do you do change the world anyway. Whatever you do has an effect. Just living has is effects. Everything you do has its ripple effects on other things.

What we do as a society has huge wavelike effects on others, ecosystems and life. The future we live in is the result of what we do now. So why not make positive waves of change to create a wonderful future for our children.

In the writing above, being still and observing I began to become aware of my immediate environment, the natural world. Seeing an example of it happening I became aware of how it works. Then I became conscious of how the principles work in our world and universe. I then became conscious of some ramifications of this fundamentally natural behavior in our world. Then I was able to extrapolate it into many other new ways of observing the world and influencing the world…

This is one of the techniques to become more conscious. Just by stopping long enough to sense – see, hear, smell. And long enough to contemplate and encode. The truth was right in front of my eyes to see when I decided to pay attention and to awaken to it. Of course the experience was far more profound than I could put into words. Actually putting it into words is not the object of meditation, just being and experiencing is the object of the exercise. The rest comes as result of doing so.

As you become more and more conscious you will connect more and more with the radiant energy of the greater flow of the river of energy of nature and life. This is what we have lost in our unconscious beliefs in abstract religions. This is what we have lost through the ignorance creating influences that created our onion layers of unconsciousness.

Our abstract unconscious way of life has led us off on a divergent path with the flow of the river of energy of life and nature. The effect of this is that we are killing our natural flow of life in an attempt to perpetuate our abstract lives for money power and greed. This in turn is killing us and all of nature. When do we become conscious of what we are doing and begin to change our way of life?

When do we stop and smell the roses?

When do we awaken from our sleep?

When do we begin to become aware?

When do we become conscious of our greater natural and universal body?

When do we leave ignorance behind and start to pay attention to our natural world?

As I’m sitting here writing in the dining I become aware of: the sound of the fridge humming, the air conditioner’s fan blowing air into the room intermittently, the mains hum, and the other humming ringing buzzing sounds of my unnatural unhealthy city environment. This makes many of us sick without realizing it.

If I write for days on end I begin to feel depressed and all sorts of other negative emotions begin to build up. So it is important to get out and go and be with people or in nature, so I go to yoga or to the beach.

Most westerners unwittingly get this energy from socializing – being with other people and listening to music and dancing. Unfortunately people and technology are not necessarily most desirable sources of energy or the only sources of energy.

Often the places we hang out in bars and clubs where people are drinking smoking and taking all sorts of drugs are places full of frustration, imbalance, anger, aggression, shouting and swearing, fights and all sorts of violence. These people’s radiated energy can be very negative and is not very healthy for those around them. So be selective where you hang out and whose sphere of influence you live under.

For me being out in nature in the sunlight is the best place to find the healthy happy energy we all need to live healthy happy lives. I go to the ocean and surf and swim and play in the wind and rain and sunshine and it revitalizes my body and mind and sedates or relaxes me, creating a relaxed sense of wellbeing a meditative state of consciousness and being. In yoga this is referred to as being “yoga stoned”. Gardening, walking or hiking in the mountains, in the bush or jungle; are all wonderful sources of healthy energy.

In a healthy natural world there is a clean harmonious energy of a healthy happy child or a wild animal and pristine nature. I always wondered why the people who lived in harmony with nature were so happy and healthy. This is why.

“May you all learn to live in love, balance and harmony with one another and nature!”