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Monday, July 22, 2013


I look back and I see our ancestors who lived on the land in harmony with nature to ensure a future for their children. I see them living with an intimate connection between themselves, the water, the air, the land, the plant life, the insects and all the other animals. I see the web of life, from the microorganisms to insects to the birds and animals that gave them life and sustained their lives through the generations. They only took what they needed from nature. I see them protecting life to ensure the future for generations to come. They knew their place in the web of life and what gave them life and that their lives and the lives of their children depended upon all of nature around them.
I look back and our human family living on the land with the plants and seeds. I see the different species of seeds that have been handed down through the generations keeping people alive. I see the area bound clans, tribes or communities having their own cultivars of seeds that grew exceptionally well in their particular environmental and climatic conditions in their areas. Because of this intimate connection between people and nature there was a great variety/biodiversity of species that survived because of their close relationship to the people who lived on the land.

I look back and I see the birds and the bees that pollinated our plants. I see the birds naturally seeding our planet as they transported seeds over large distances. I see the generations of plants that were pollinated by the bees that gave us the fruit that gave us life. I see the many other insects that all fed the birds and the animals that lived of the birds and their eggs. I see the chain of life. I see the web the connectivity. I see us in that connected web of life.
I look back and I see the people living on the land with the animals. I see the different species of animals that have lived with these people through the generations; each area having their area species. I see the variety of species that are becoming extinct as only specific breeds of animals are breed for meat production in factory farming.
There was interdependence. The Indians respected the buffalo and only took what they needed to survive. The buffalo cropped the grasslands and fertilized them, they prevented erosion and desertification with their grazing and fertilizing the soil that make for greater water retention and allowed more plants to grow. The animal dung was eaten by the flies and they laid their larvae in it the birds eat the larvae and so on…

I see the destructive nature of our current system that is driving that life to extinction.  
Now with western agri-business sweeping across our world I see the displacement of animal and plants and birds and bees. I see the topsoil erosion through plowing.

I see the damage caused to our waters and oceans by fertilizers causing algae blooms – which consume all the oxygen in the water and cause fish to die.
I see the razor grass growing out of control in our wetlands.

I see the herbicides and pesticides that are killing the foundations of life our micro-organisms, insects and variety of plant species on the land.
I see the micro-organisms plants and plankton in the rivers and in the oceans dying out – we have huge lifeless expanding ocean deserts.

I see the devastation caused by subsidized farming making people around the world dependent upon corporate farming and this causing mass extinction.
I look back and I feel the pain of our ancestors and all of the animals and birds and insects that populated this planet are becoming extinct at an accelerating rate. I look back and I feel their pain because many of them fought and died trying to sustain the natural way of life. I feel the pain of all of the lives that were lived to perpetuate lives which are now all becoming extinct.

I see all of this and feel the pain while humans living in cities are chasing money and not paying attention. Those species are becoming extinct – never to be seen again – they are gone forever. All of that variety that is necessary to sustain life is being destroyed by the sick system that feeds us.  And unwittingly we continue to buy “conventional agricultural products” instead of growing our own.
If we wish to survive and ensure our children have a happy healthy lives on this planet we need to:
Awaken - become much more conscious.Stop believing the lies. Don't just accept what you are being told is true. Question everything.
Pay attention and stop allowing these megalomaniacs to destroy our once bio-diverse living planet.
Stop supporting them.
Stop capitalism, stop imperialism.
Stop plowing, stop using fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
Stop subsidizing agribusiness.
Let the animals roam the land and reclaim desert/semi desert regions. Reintroduce domesticated wild life into the wild.
Move back to the land – cities cannot support the masses – cities are dead zones
Initially subsidize small communal farms and enable people to reconnect with the land.
Search the world for the varieties of traditional seeds that still exist and reseed our planet.
Repopulate our planet with the variety of species of plant and animal insects and micro-organisms that are left.
Create huge marine reserves in a minimum of 20% of our oceans to repopulate our oceans.
Create natural, wild life sanctuaries for across our planet.
Better still we must reintegrate our way of life with nature using Poly culture/natural agriculture/permaculture.
We have a big task ahead of us if we are to survive and live, health, happy lives. For this it is time we wake up and get to it before it is too late.